Ant Middleton's three 'non-negotiables'

Ant Middleton alongside singer Ellie Goulding

Ant Middleton is not your average human being.

That much was clear when he joined the army at the age of just 17. Multiple tours of Afghanistan later, he had started to make a name for himself.

Having stood out in the military, Middleton was handed the role of Chief Instructor on the Channel 4 TV series, SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Through that show, Middleton has become known for his no-nonsense attitude and unwavering self-belief.

It is a mindset which helped him conquer Mount Everest in 2018, another iconic achievement for the 40-year-old.

In May 2020, Middleton sat down with Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes on the High Performance Podcast to discuss his remarkable life to date.

As part of the episode, Middleton outlined the three principles which have helped him reach his goals over the years. Here, GIVEMESPORT breaks down Middleton’s three non-negotiables…

1. Punctuality

If you have watched SAS: Who Dares Wins, you will have spotted that Middleton detests lateness. 

Speaking on the podcast, he claimed that achieving success can be put down to “doing the basics to a high standard consistently.”

It seems that turning up on time is a fundamental principle that he is not willing to budge on.

Ant Middleton - Soccer Aid

2. Manners

Middleton is not one to hold his tongue. He admits “I like to see things done properly.” His direct approach has won him many admirers as his career has gone from strength to strength.

Yet Middleton appears to understand that there is a thin line between directness and rudeness, which he insists he never wants to cross. 

3. First impressions

Middleton claims that he is a “very, very, positive thinker”. This is immediately apparent to anyone who has seen him on television.

He seems to want to put that message across as quickly as possible, and often succeeds. He concedes that he becomes “obsessed” with anything that he puts his mind to, and his passion to give 100% to everything he does appears to help those around him reach new heights.

Would Middleton’s mindset work for everyone? Perhaps not. But it has certainly done the job for him, and made him a household name in recent years.

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