PlayStation 2: The 20 greatest games in history, including GTA, PES and WWE


The PlayStation 2 turns 21 (yes 21!) today. Feel old yet?

One of the most popular and best-selling consoles ever made, it has brought us some classics that’s for sure.

As per, 20 of the most iconic games for the console have been ranked, which we’ve listed below.

Although it will undoubtably cause debate, check them out and see where your favourite ranks.

20. God Hand

Strange, yet brilliant. Difficult, but addictive. A martial artist using a pair of arms called ‘God Hands’ to protect others sounds ludicrous on paper, but delivered on screen.

19. Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Using psychic powers to control others, move objects or obtain a wave of fire, gave a perfect escape from reality with things we all wished we could do.

18. WWE SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain!

Arguably better than some wrestling games today. Enthralling story modes and backstage brawls where anything was a weapon makes this one a classic.


17. PES 6

Surely one of the best football games ever made? Smooth gameplay meant there was far less rage caused by today’s games, and who can forget the beast that was Adriano? 99 shot power left goalkeepers helpless.

16. Katamari Damacy

Rolling a magical ball around the world to collect objects in order to grow a star took up many hours, with a brilliant soundtrack giving this game cult status.

15. Final Fantasy XII

Part of the legendary series, Final Fantasy XII combines enjoyable gameplay with its usual good storytelling.

14. Timesplitters 3

The Timesplitter series was the PS2’s main FPS game, culminating in Timesplitters 3. As well as a great single-player mode, it introduced an online mode as well.

13. Okami

Similar to the classic Zelda, this game gave us the enchanting experience of being a wolf-god in the wonderful world of Okami.

12. Tekken 5


The legendary fighting game received an upgrade from its predecessor Tekken 4, giving it a faster gameplay that was similar to the older games in the series that we knew and loved.

11. Devil May Cry

A gaming series still loved today all started with this one. Picture Resident Evil but with swords and faster combos. Perfect.

10. Guitar Hero II

A go-to game at any party or event. This extremely fun series made us genuinely believe we were rockstars.

9. SSX 3

SSX was one of the first, if not only, snowboarding games. The series grew with the release of Tricky and was improved brilliantly by SSX 3.

8. Burnout 3: Takedown

The pinnacle of the Burnout games. Fast and furious with a great soundtrack gives it a place in the top 10.

7. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


Following a disappointing sequel, this one brought Metal Gear Solid back with a bang.

6. Silent Hill 2

A survival horror game in which you’ve to avoid monsters in order to find your deceased wife was as gripping as it was terrifying.

5. Ratchet and Clank

A third-person shooter classic. Plenty of weapons and gadgets aside, this one was unique.

4. Gran Turismo 4

A ground-breaking release in the world of motorsport games. The detail in this game had never been seen before, from hundreds of cars to intense races and realistic tracks.

3. Shadow Of The Colossus

A game that had everything. Action-adventure, the need to think carefully, an incredible journey and so much more. A must-play.


2. God of War II

Even more violent and action-packed than before, this sequel had it all. From puzzles to combat, one of the best video games ever made.

1. Grand Theft Auto III/Vice City/San Andreas

Alright, they’ve been cheeky by just choosing all the Grand Theft Auto games, but it simply had to be here, didn’t it? Endless entertainment, from roaming the streets doing the unthinkable, challenging missions or looking up various cheat codes to give yourself an edge. Just incredible games.

So there are the 20 best PlayStation 2 games in history, according to Shortlist. Would you agree? Or have they missed out a pure classic?

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