Cristiano Ronaldo tells Khabib his worry about his son, Cristiano Jr

  • Rob Swan

Cristiano Ronaldo has made no secret of his desire for his eldest son, Cristiano Jr, to follow in his footsteps by becoming a professional footballer.

Cristiano Jr is still only 10 years old but seems to enjoy playing football.

The youngster is part of Juventus’ academy and from the little footage that’s emerged so far, he looks a proper talent.

Business Insider reported in 2019 that Cristiano Jr had scored 58 goals in just 28 games at the time of writing.

Like his father, it seems he possesses a deadly eye for goal.


However, UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov has revealed that Ronaldo has one worry about his son in terms of his aspirations of becoming a footballer.

“We chat all the time, texting lots daily, but when we meet in person, we’ve had a discussion on motivation sources recently,” Khabib revealed in an interview with YouTube channel Krasava.

“He told me he wanted his son to succeed him but he was worried his son won’t be able to do it since when Cristiano himself was his age, he could only dream about a pair of simple cleats [boots].

“His son has everything. So he’s worried that he will never feel that hunger.


“In fact, people are driven by hunger. One needs motivation, one needs to have a desire to achieve things.

“When you have everything, it’s hard to find a proper source of motivation.

“When he told me that, I can’t say I was surprised, as things are simple things. But I liked it. I understood that he was such a person who would never be satisfied with one, two or three titles.”


It’s a fair concern. Ronaldo had to work extremely hard from a very young age, conquering all sorts of hurdles in the process, in order to make a dream life for himself.

Cristiano Jr, on the other hand, already lives a life of luxury. That’s not his fault, of course. It’s just the way it is.

But without that intense inner hunger and drive, scaling the lofty heights Ronaldo has during his illustrious career is surely impossible.

Only time will tell whether Cristiano Jr can find the same determination from somewhere.

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