PlayStation 5: Guy pretends PS5 console is Wi-Fi router to sneak it into family home


The PlayStation 5 has been a massive hit for Sony, with many gamers around the world still desperate to get their hands on a console. 

So keen are fans to own a PS5 that the near £450 price tag of the system isn't going to be a deal-breaker. However, in the tough financial climate that many of us now live, one man has gone to extraordinary lengths to hide his expensive new console from his family.

The efforts of Le Gia Hung to keep his brand new PS5 under wraps, while still having it set up in his living room, are impressive.

Realising that he needed to disguise the console to avoid some awkward questions, Hung told his family the PS5 was actually their new Wi-Fi router.

He then went the extra mile with his lie by covering up the PlayStation logo on the console with a Wi-Fi sticker - and even hired someone to pose as an engineer to 'install' his new equipment.

Hung shared his story in a tongue-in-cheek post on Facebook, in which he gushed about the quality of his internet connection since making the switch. The post included plenty of images of his PS5 to make it clear that Hung was referring to his new console.

"Even though the new Wi-Fi device is a bit big, it’s not a problem," wrote Hung jokingly.

Social media users were quick to praise Hung for thinking outside of the box, with several suggesting that he deserved to get away with his plot simply because of how committed he has been to it.

"100% invested in his lie. How dedicated this man is," said one comment. "I’m not here to judge his relationship or anything else," insisted another user. "He had to do what he had to do. At least he went at his lie 100%."

Given that his setup has now gone viral, it is unlikely Hung's family are still blissfully unaware of the presence of a PS5 in their front room. With that said, the man deserves a massive amount of credit for hatching the plan in the first place.

The word "legend" was used multiple times on social media in respect of Hung's heroic plot. It's a description that is tough to disagree with.

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