Premier League: The Ultimate PL trivia quiz


The Premier League is the toughest league in the world.

While there may be some that argue differently, the fact that the name on the Premier League trophy is a different one nearly every year says everything you need to know about just how tricky it is.

It is an even more difficult title to defend - as Liverpool have shown - with only a select few of the very best teams managing the feat.

Since its inception, the Premier League has played host to some of the finest footballers to have ever lived.

Many a superstar has tested himself on the gauntlet that is the English top flight with some thriving, and others wilting under the grinding physicality of it all.

There have been some simply unforgettable moments as well.

That Aguero winner, just about every goal Thierry Henry scored, Leicester City upsetting the odds, Manchester United's dominance, the arrival of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp as well as so many others too numerous to name here.


This year, it looks as though Guardiola's rampant City side will ease to yet another title as they continue to blow all comers away.

So, with the league title all but sewn up, we thought we'd hark back to more competitive Premier League years with our ultimate trivia quiz.

We all have that one friend who claims that they know the Premier League inside out and back to front. Well, now is the chance to test them.

From general facts to bizarre dramas, it is going to take a real boffin to ace this one.

Good luck! 

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The Ultimate Premier League quiz: In what year did the Premier League begin?

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