Space Jam 2: Lola Bunny being made 'less sexual' for new film


Space Jam: A New Legacy (aka Space Jam 2) is set for a July release.

The follow-up to the 1996 animated classic sees LeBron James take over the leading role from fellow NBA legend Michael Jordan.

As was the case with Jordan in the original Space Jam movie, James will team up alongside Looney Tunes favourites such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to take on a group of intergalatic aliens on the basketball court.

However, while Bugs and Daffy will remain true to the characters that the world has known and loved for years, the same cannot be said for Lola Bunny.

Changes Being Made to Lola

Lola was introduced as Bugs' love interest in the original film, but images posted on social media show that her character will look remarkably different from how fans remember her.

Speaking about the Lola character recently, director Malcolm D. Lee revealed that he was "caught off guard" by how overly sexualised she had been when rewatching the first Space Jam.

"This is 2021. It's important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters," said Lee of the move to change Lola's appearance. 


Fans Revolt

The switch has not been universally popular on social media, with some suggesting the redesign is an example of political correctness having gone too far.

"Let's just get rid of everything with sex appeal because it offends a small percentage of people," said one user, while elsewhere a fan demanded: "Bring the OG back immediately."

"What have they done to our furry goddess?" was the cry from another disillusioned enthusiast of the original Lola character.

The New Lola

Proper representation of female role models is, of course, very important across all media. However, a number of comments stated that Lola Bunny in her original form was already a positive role model.


"I really looked up to Lola as a kid," stated one Twitter user. "She was one of the first female characters I saw with such strength and agency and showed me that women can do anything men can. Lola Bunny made me a feminist at 6yo."

The character of Lola Bunny is just that: A character. Nothing that happened in the original Space Jam was controversial at the time - nor has anything become controversial since.

Cartoon characters are supposed to be larger than life - and Lola certainly was that.

The redesign of her character has definitely made her less impactful from a visual standpoint. This seems like change for the sake of change. Time will tell if it was a switch worth making. 

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