Arsenal's Alexandre Lacazette mocked by Match of the Day for scream vs Burnley


Who could have predicted that Saturday’s early kick-off between Burnley and Arsenal would have been so full of drama?

When Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang put the away side 1-0 ahead inside the opening 10 minutes, it looked as though it would be a comfortable victory for Mikel Arteta’s side.

However, just before half time, Granit Xhaka went full Granit Xhaka by passing the ball at Chris Wood as it rebounded into the net for an embarrassing equaliser.

The second half was all about Erik Pieters.

With 15 minutes remaining, he appeared to handle inside the penalty area when challenging Nicolas Pepe. However, somehow VAR decided not to award Arsenal a spot-kick.


Minutes later, Arsenal were given a penalty for Pieters’ handball as the Burnley defender was shown a red card. However, following a VAR check, the penalty and red card were cancelled after replays showed the ball had struck his shoulder, rather than his arm.

But even before all of that drama, Pieters was involved in another talking point.

The left-back was booked for a challenge from behind on Alexandre Lacazette. The Arsenal striker could be heard screaming in agony - something that could clearly be heard on the pitchside microphones.


But any fears that the Frenchman had suffered a serious injury was quickly dispelled as he jumped up and was soon running around.

While he may have escaped injury, Lacazette didn’t escape mocking for his amateur dramatics.

Match of the Day did a segment on his scream and even had a ‘scream’o’meter’ to show how loud he was, claiming it was a 'world record'.

They then ended the show by doing their best Lacazette impression as Gary Lineker, Dion Dublin and Ian Wright screamed and rolled around on the floor.

Even Burnley manager Sean Dyche had something to say about Lacazette’s antics after the match.

He spoke of a potential penalty incident for his side as Matěj Vydra went down under Bakayo Saka’s challenge. However, Dyche suggests they weren’t awarded a spot-kick because the Burnley striker didn’t scream.

"Matej turns to shoot, the lad [Saka] clearly makes contact, that deviates his foot from striking the ball properly, but he doesn't fall over or scream,” he said.

"That's a big thing, I was interested in that today. They should monitor the volume and see how loud people scream and see if they get a free kick for it.


"He doesn't do that and we get nothing. I just think we've got to be a bit careful with where it's going. 

"And the screaming. Some real good screaming today, on the scream-o-meter, probably the highest I have heard in a long time. There was a new level of screaming today.

"I am not adding screaming to any particular player. The game in general I thought was full of that and I thought it was a nonsense."

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