Call of Duty: Warzone kill world record broken yet again


The record for the number of kills by a squad in a single game on Call of Duty: Warzone has been smashed in impressive fashion.

US-based streamer Aydan Conrad already had world bests to his credit for Solos vs Quads, Trios vs Quads with 150 players and Trios vs Quads with 200 players. However, he has now taken the Quads world record, alongside his fellow squad members.

In this scenario, a squad of four splits into two pairs to see which duo can score the most kills in a single game.

The previous mark of 143 kills was obliterated by Aydan and his teammates. Together, with other notable gamers ScummN, Newbz and Almond, Aydan managed a barely-believable 162 kills to set an intimidating new benchmark in the mode.

Teamwork, though, was definitely the name of the game, as Aydan had to be brought back from the Gulag several times by his comrades having been killed himself.

Aydan proudly announced this latest accomplishment to his more than 625,000 followers on Twitter, writing: "New Squad World Record of 162 kills with @ScummN, @Almxnd_ and @TBE_Newbzz in a $500 wager. This will NEVER be broken…"


Level of Quality Questioned

There has been fierce discussion online about the quality of the lobby in which the record was set, though. This was something that Aydan himself even acknowledged at the time.

"That lobby was bronze negative 10!" Aydan admitted on the stream. "We got blessed with the lobby. It was such a bot lobby."

A bronze lobby is categorised as being among one of the easier settings in which to compete. With that said, the sheer pace at which Aydan and his teammates managed to rack up kills is still incredible.

Although lobbies can only accommodate 150 players, respawns meant that Aydan's crew was able to kill some more than once - allowing them to amass their record-setting total. 


Warzone has been a massive success for Activision with the Battle Royale mode proving a big hit with gamers during the pandemic.

The newly established record will be tough to beat, but there will be no shortage of players keen to have a crack at it.

If they are to stand a chance, though, they will need to be lightning fast!

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