Madrid Derby: Incredible footage of Luis Suarez vs Real Madrid with La Liga cameras


Barcelona must be kicking themselves for selling Luis Suarez last summer.

Truth be told, it always seemed brainless to jettison one of the greatest strikers of the last ten years from their squad, never mind allowing one of their biggest La Liga rivals to snap him up.

But if the decision looked bewildering in 2020, then it looks even more bewildering now because Suarez has reminded everyone why he's one of the world's best strikers at Atletico Madrid.

Suarez's incredible form

Coming into this weekend's clash with Real Madrid, the former Ajax and Liverpool striker was making his presence felt in the race for the Pichichi Trophy with 17 goals in 22 La Liga games.

And Suarez added yet another to his collection during the derby as looked to take a massive step towards their second Spanish title of the Diego Simeone regime.

When the Uruguayan poacher was played clear through on goal by Marcos Llorente, he showed remarkable composure as Thibaut Courtois sought to snuff out the opportunity.


Suarez scores vs Real Madrid

Instead of panicking as so many strikers would be forgiven for doing, Suarez opted for remarkable ingenuity by using the outside of his boot to shape the ball around the Real shot-stopper.

Thankfully for viewers at home, the La Liga cameras were on hand to show Suarez's strike in all its glory with the slow-motion replays making his skillful and ingenious finish look even better.

However, the fanfare for Suarez's brilliance didn't end there because footage of his celebration - a few finger kisses... yeh, you know the drill - looked amazing with La Liga's new cameras.


Incredible footage of Suarez

Spain's top-flight has been using a 'fan cam' to produce the sort of footage you'd expect from a video game showing the players in remarkable definition and with the background blurred out.

Fans of the NFL will be familiar with this type of coverage, but we're loving its early strides into the world of football and desperately need it in the Premier League.

But don't just take our word for it because you can check out the '8k' footage of Suarez reveling in his Madrid derby goal, as well as some of the reaction from fans, down below:

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I swear that's clearer than real life...

Great for the fans at home

In a time where football fans are unable to attend games in person due to the global situation, it's never been more important to consider the at-home experience for supporters desperate to return.

There's something alarmingly intimate about seeing Suarez celebrating in such realistic fashion and with everything behind him phased out as though he's recording a television advert or something.

And let's face it, there are bound to be some fascinating insight that comes from having cameras so close to players celebrating crucial goals whether that's team talks or tactical instructions. 


However, as far as Suarez is concerned, we're sure he'll just be happy that the world got to see his latest masterpiece for Atletico so clearly. Barcelona might give it a miss, though.

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