AEW Revolution: End of the show 'explosion' leaves fans disappointed


AEW Revolution on Sunday saw the introduction of the unprecedented Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch, which promised a lot, but ultimately underwhelmed.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is still trying to find its feet, having only been founded two years ago, but it’s clear they are trying to pull out all the stops in order to make their mark.

As well as some of the extreme matches rarely seen in the modern era of their competitors, several high profile Superstars have made the leap to AEW such as Chris Jericho and most recently Christian.

Trying to rival the likes of WWE is always going to be a tall order given its history and fan base, although one section of the WWE Universe that AEW may appeal to is the old-school generation.

For years now, WWE has been accused of losing its edge and excitement having gone PG in 2008, but it’s clear that in their early steps, AEW are willing to try anything they feel they can get away with.

So with that in mind, we saw the first ever Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship at the Revolution PPV. The name of the match is a mouthful in itself, whilst the rules were as dangerous as they were exciting.

Three sides of the ring ropes were covered with barbed wire that would explode if either man came into contact with them, as well as more barbed wire surrounding the outside of the ring.

An interesting subplot to the match is that there was a 30-minute timer ticking down throughout. Once the clock hit zero, the explosives would detonate and the whole ring would explode, similar to a stereotypical action movie.

The action was as outrageous as it was bloody. A back-and-forth contest ended with Omega delivering a ‘One-winged Angel’ onto a steel chair to pick up the victory. Omega wasn’t finished there. With just minutes before the countdown was due to end, he and The Good Brothers handcuffed Moxley to the ring ropes to endure the blast.

Disappointing Finale

Now, of course, AEW weren’t really going to blow-up their roster, however, many felt the ending was incredibly anti-climactic for what was promised.

Moxley’s old foe Eddie Kingston ran out to try save Moxley before realising it was too late, sacrificing himself by lying on Moxley as the clock hit zero.

The explosion, however, failed to deliver.

Sparklers out of each corner of the ring followed by a quick burst of pyrotechnics outside the ring were no-more than most Superstars’ ring entrances, nor any-more dangerous or spectacular.

Even an ‘OH MY GOD‘ oversell from the commentators failed to mask what was a disappointing finale.

Fans were left feeling a bit flat after what was an enthralling match and it’ll be interesting to see if AEW will try such a stunt again and how they can improve their product moving forward if they are to grow and attract more fans.

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