Boxing: Floyd Mayweather video proves he didn't just 'run'


A clip has appeared online which has sought to dispel claims that all Floyd Mayweather did throughout his boxing career was ‘run‘ from his opponents.

‘Pretty Boy’ Mayweather, whose last professional fight was against Conor McGregor in 2017, ended his career with a remarkable 50-0 record and is widely considered as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of all time.

Of course, Mayweather was known for his iconic defensive abilities, highlighted by the fact he was rarely knocked down during his 20-year career, but with that special trademark came a lot of criticism and claims that all he did was run away from his opponents.

Often having his hands up and using his shoulder roll technique meant Mayweather was a master of avoiding getting hit, with his lightning-quick hands and reflexes meaning he could usually strike accurately himself when required.

Despite such an outstanding record, Mayweather has often been a divisive and controversial figure.

Whilst his legions of fans argue it took immense skill to deliver what Mayweather did, many have often believed he took the easy way out and all he did was just defend, defend and defend.

Surely you don’t get a 50-0 record, especially against the calibre of opponents Mayweather faced, by luck or just by running away?

Well, such accusations may be discredited by this recent tweet, showing Mayweather in the sixth round of his fight against Arturo Gatti.

The referee stopped the fight in this round and you can see why. Mayweather can be seen as the aggressor, taking the fight to Gatti with a flurry of punches. A series of wielding body shots are followed by a devastating left hook and three straight right hands.

So there you have it. Perhaps Mayweather wasn’t just all about defence. Clearly he could do damage, winning over half of his fights by knockout.

Undoubtedly the debate will rage on as to where ‘Money’ ranks among the best fighters ever and questions will remain over his fighting style, but no one can deny his astonishing longevity and the legacy he has left on the sport.

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