Champions League: UEFA is considering a new 36-team format

UEFA Champions League

The Champions League could be set for a revamp in 2024. 

Europe's most prestigious knockout competition has long represented the most coveted trophy on the continent. 

Winning the Champions League is generally perceived as a prerequisite to be considered among the world's elite clubs, and that feeling has driven Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City's thus far unsuccessful push to seal a maiden trophy. 

It's a competition that, mostly by virtue of its universal popularity, hasn't been subject to major change since 1999, when entry was extended to third and fourth placed teams in the strongest leagues.

However, amid rising speculation regarding the inception of a European Super League, format changes are being mooted in the mainstream media. 

Indeed, according to Rob Harris, who works as a sports journalist for the Press Association, UEFA are planning on increasing the size of the Champions League.

Harris has claimed that 36 teams rather than 24 will participate from 2024, with the group stages taking place over ten games rather than six. 

There is also a suggestion that clubs participating in the Champions League will be banned from signing players from one another in what would represent a significant transfer market restriction. 

The increase in size would be a welcome addition for those clubs who regularly just miss out on qualification, but the elite outfits may struggle to share that enthusiasm. 

Plenty of managers in charge of title-chasing outfits would agree that the season is already intensely demanding and, if anything, the relevant governing bodies should be looking at ways to reduce rather than boost the number of potential fixtures. 

However, with so many clubs now backed by significant investment and chasing the dream of European knockout football, it's easy to see why UEFA are planning to expand the size of its flagship competition. 

It will be intriguing to see how this story unfolds in the coming weeks. 

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