WWE news: The Big Show's physique and transformation from 1 to 48


An incredible time-lapse video of The Big Show’s body transformation has been uploaded to YouTube.

The video, uploaded by MindUpload and currently with over 70,000 views, shows pictures of the Superstar at different ages between 1 and 48 years old.

While it starts out in a similar way to many time-lapse videos, with the wrestler, real name Paul Donald Wight, looking every much the average child and young teenager, the images begin to get increasingly surprising.

By age 17 he already had a frightening frame, one that would point to a future career in a sport such as wrestling. A picture of him aged 18 shows him lining up for Wichita State’s basketball team, where he was a standout performer standing at 7ft, 1in.

The next stand-out photo is of The Big Show aged 23. Around this time, he had signed for World Championship Wrestling, where he stayed until 1999 and was known as The Giant. He is noticeably bigger in this photo, and it’s pretty easy to see how he came to sign for a wrestling company.

Despite these impressive photos, there aren’t many that show you his size relative to normal people. That is, until a photo of him with a woman at age 25 appears. Clearly asked to pose while at the gym, Wight absolutely dwarves the woman.

By aged 28, a photo shows him wearing a t-shirt that says ‘The Big Show’. This would likely have been taken in 1999, the year he signed with what was then the WWF (and subsequently became WWE).

The next photos show a series of actions shots in his late 20s and early 30s, during which time he won various WWE titles, including two WWE World Championships (in 1999 and 2002) and two WWE Hardcore Championships.

Into his late 30 and early 40s, there are more in-action pictures, including one of him crowdsurfing at WWE’s Tribute to Troops in 2008, and others around the time of his World Heavyweight Championship wins in 2011 and 2012.


The remaining photos show The Big Show coming towards the end of his WWE career, including fighting alongside Shaquille O’Neal and fighting at various events such as WrestleMania 36 and 2017’s Royal Rumble, culminating with his move over to All Elite Wrestling at the beginning of this year.

It's been quite a journey for The Big Show, and it's insane looking back at how his physique has changed throughout the years.

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