Cristiano Ronaldo: Former Juventus striker slams Portuguese legend for being 'afraid'


After a Champions League knockout match, we’re usually talking about Cristiano Ronaldo’s heroics.

However, after Juventus crashed out to Porto in their last-16 tie on Tuesday night, we’re talking about the Portuguese superstar for all the wrong reasons.

The tie was in the balance as we entered extra-time at the Allianz Stadium. But with five minutes remaining, Sergio Oliveria’s scuffed free-kick somehow found the back of the net.

We say ‘somehow’ but we kinda do know how – because the Juve wall was absolutely shocking.

Ronaldo has come in for most of the criticism as he turned his back, with Oliveria’s effort rolling underneath him and past goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny.

You simply can’t do that in a wall.

A lot of people have had their say on Ronaldo’s actions and former Juve striker, Nicola Amoruso, is the latest.

He suggested that he’d never put Ronaldo in a wall because he’s too concerned about his good looks.

“I would never put him in the wall on free-kicks,” Amoruso said, per Goal.


“He is afraid of taking a ball in the face because he cares about his image.”

Wow. That’s a hot take right there.

Of course, Amoruso isn’t the first to slam Ronaldo.


Former manager of the Old Lady, Fabio Capello criticised everyone in the wall and called it an “unforgivable error.”

“That was an unforgivable error,” said Capello.

“In my day, you chose the players who went into the wall and they couldn’t be someone afraid of the ball.

“They were scared of the ball and jumped away from it, turning their backs. That’s unforgivable.”


The reaction didn’t stop there, though.

Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher, piled on and called it “one of the worst walls you will ever see in your life.”

“That is possibly one of the worst walls you will ever see in your life, and I’m talking kids’ football,” Carragher said on CBS Sports. “That is absolutely shocking.

“Sometimes you’ll see young children jump out the way. They actually turn their back as he’s hitting the ball.


“Look at that wall now, [Oliveira] hasn’t even hit the ball. You’ve got Ronaldo not even looking at the ball; you’ve got Cuadrado behind the wall – it looks like he’s going with a runner.

“This is what you see when you first play football as a child and you think the ball’s going to hit you. As the ball comes through the wall, everyone is trying to get out there way. They actually look like they’re trying to get out the way – and they basically are.”

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