ESPN presenter crushed by falling wall while live on air

ESPN presenter

A shocking video has revealed how an ESPN news anchor was injured while speaking live on air earlier this week. 

Carlos Orduz, who works as a journalist and presenter for ESPN Colombia, was injured in gruesome circumstances when a set piece fell onto his back and crushed his face in front of a stunned panel. 

The set piece, which looked heavy judging by the velocity it was falling at, landed on Orduz with alarming force and left the onlooking panel host speechless for a few seconds. 

The video released on Twitter captured the exact moment when the wall came down, with Orduz realising that he was about to be crushed just a split second before impact was made. 

You can watch the clip of the incident below: 

Thankfully, though, Orduz has escaped any major injuries despite the severity of the incident. 

Little over three hours after the video was shared, NBC executive Mike Sington provided quotes from Orduz to reassure everyone that there is no significant lasting damage. 

“I must tell you I am fine, thank God, after a medical check-up and examination, any issue was ruled out, only a bruise and blow to the nose (no fracture).”

That’s great news for Orduz, and hopefully he’ll be back on air in the very near future. 

For the production team at ESPN, though, this is a lucky escape and questions will need to be asked of how such a hefty structure could collapse while the team were live on air. 

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