Liverpool, Man Utd, Real Madrid: History is repeating itself in European football

  • Kobe Tong

Liverpool are loving life in the Champions League right now.

Despite wading through a woeful run of Premier League form that has seen them lose six games at Anfield on the bounce, it feels as though European football has become a safe haven for them.

Besides, Liverpool were by no means massive favourites when they drew RB Leipzig in the round of 16 with the German side having reached the semi-finals last time out.

Liverpool 2-0 RB Leipzig (4-0)

But you wouldn't have known that the two sides were evenly matched on paper if you watched the two games because Liverpool swaggered their way to the quarter-finals with back-to-back 2-0 wins.

In fact, Kopites probably wish they played all their home games in Budapest judging by how impressive they looked during the second leg victory in which Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane scored.

As a result, although Liverpool are consigned to fighting for the top four at best domestically, they can at least dream of winning their second Champions League title under Jurgen Klopp.

Could Liverpool win the Champions League?

It seems ambitious, sure, but make no mistake that Liverpool still have some of the world's best players on their books and determination in spades when they're feeling confident.

However, even if Liverpool aren't feeling buoyant and fired up, it seems as though the stars are aligning for them to win the Champions League regardless...

'Why?' I hear you ask. Well, there are some eerie comparisons that fans are starting to notice between the current season and Liverpool's victorious Champions League campaign of 2004/05.

History repeating itself in Europe

While that might sound ridiculous on paper, trust me when I say there are a strange amount of parallels to be drawn when it comes to Liverpool and European football in those two seasons.

As a result, we've taken inspiration from a now-deleted post by Reddit user u/eBICgamer2010, to point out at least 15 interesting contrasts between the 2004/05 and 2020/21 campaigns.

So, without further ado, check out the comparisons down below to see why Liverpool should feel excited:

1. Champions League final held in Istanbul


2. The winner travels to Japan for the FIFA Club World Cup

3. Liverpool struggling in the Premier League with injury problems

4. Liverpool breeze past the Bundesliga club who finished third the season before in round of 16

5. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo fail to reach the quarter-finals 


6. Manchester United fail to win group topped by French club

7. Manchester United suffer humiliating defeat to Istanbul-based club

8. Manchester United lose their final group game by conceding three goals

9. Manchester United draw AC Milan in European round of 16 tie

10. Barcelona fail to win group topped by Italian club 


11. Barcelona concede five goals to crash out in the round of 16

12. Real Madrid play in a group with a German, Ukrainian and Italian club

13. Real Madrid defeat Italian club 1-0 in first leg of their round of 16 tie

14. David Moyes-managed club reaches/challenges for Premier League top four

15. Chelsea top a group in which a French and Russian club don't qualify


Liverpool are going to win the Champions League... right?

I mean, try telling me that the stars aren't aligning for a Liverpool victory here...

Ok, sure, you can point the accusatory finger of 'patterns will always pop up if you're looking for them', but I'm inclined to think that some of the key contrasts go far beyond tenuous reaches.

Besides, you needn't look any further than the final being played in Istanbul, Real Madrid having an almost identical group and United seemingly experiencing deja vu in every tiny detail.


Sure, Liverpool won't be able to face AC Milan for a re-run of their astonishing 3-3 final and their backs are undoubtedly against the wall, but at least something is looking up for them at long last.

For that reason alone, I think we can forgive Liverpool fans for looking into things a little too much...

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