Mike Tyson: How Dana White got Iron Mike to wrestle with sharks


Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson left a film crew fearful, after being “p***** off” for having to fight a shark.

Last year, as part of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, Tyson took on the colossal predator in a three-round bout.

Joined by Dana White on his Hotboxin’ podcast, the pair discussed how the UFC president got Tyson the gig, and the boxer’s bad mood before entering the water.

“He gets me a job on shark week, he really cares about me – Dana really cares about my well-being,” joked Tyson.

“I’d rather fight a lion, but now I got to fight a shark? oh he really cares about me.”

White then replied by revealing that Tyson was in a foul mood ahead of the shoot.

“I got you a TV show, I got you Shark Week, so he had to go down and swim with these sharks,” explained White.


“And I heard the day he had to go and swim he was super p***ed off, and the whole crew were scared that day because Mike didn’t want to get in the water with the sharks.”

The challenge started with Tyson cage-diving with lemon sharks.

“They came over and the boat started rocking and I thought I was going to get boat sick,” said the former champion.

“I’d rather the shark eat me out of the cage.”

He later faced up against the sharks over three rounds. In round one, the boxer put the animal in a state of inactivity – known as tonic immobility.

The second round saw Tyson having to push sharks away if they got too close. In the finale, Ironmike would dive almost 50-feet underwater without a cage, and put a shark in a state of tonic immobility – which he achieved, but not after throwing up.

The 54-year-old made a return to boxing in November, in an exhibition fight against fellow former professional Roy Jones Jr, which ended in a draw. Tyson donated all his earnings from the bout to charity, and is hoping to return to the ring again soon to continue his fundraising efforts.

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