Frank Lampard delivered typically sharp insight during Jake Humphrey interview

Frank Lampard

While the annals of Premier League history are littered with greats, one of the most frequently high performing legends was, of course, Chelsea’s Frank Lampard. 

Synonymous with the relentless winning machine that was Chelsea Football Club from the mid-2000s to the mid-2010s, Lampard was a man who constantly improved every facet of his game the more well-stocked his trophy cabinet became. 

So then, his interview with Jake Humphrey on The High Performance Podcast back in September 2020 is certainly something we can all learn from.

A man to have achieved so much despite (somewhat unfounded) question marks over the levels of his natural talent, GIVEMESPORT have plucked out the three biggest takeaways from his episode. 

The intelligence of ambition

While discussing exactly what high performance meant to him, Lampard talked about how we must be intelligent. Clearly, that’s a hard thing to simply instruct someone to do, but what he explained was that anyone must have a clear strategy and plan within their own boundaries to achieve whatever it is they wish to in their respective fields. 

“And then I think the last one [facet of high performance] is intelligence. 

“I don’t mean to say I’m intelligent, that would just sound stupid if say in that way. 

“But I mean in terms of how you approach your goals, and how you want to get there.”

With great power comes great responsibility 

What was so evident about Lampard’s career is the pride he took in his personal performance. Hours and hours on the training field brought about an almost robotic sense of knowing when to arrive late into the box and score one of his trademark goals hundreds of times. 

That didn’t come from anyone else, however. He took the responsibility of his level of performance on his shoulders and reaped the rewards. 

“I’m absolutely a massive for it [100% responsibility]. 

“Because one thing I think I’ve seen in football, from being a young man trying to make it from playing through now to managing, is blame. 

“Any kind of blame culture – or ‘it’s not me, it’s them’ – I head that a lot.”

A lesson for us all. 

Balancing those emotions

To solely talk about his playing years would be doing Lampard a disservice. After all, this is a man who took Derby County to the play-off final during his first season in management and then was thrust into the spotlight at one of the biggest clubs in the world at a very early stage in his post-playing career. 

Taking a young Chelsea side who had lost the exceptional talents of Eden Hazard and couldn’t sign players to the FA Cup final, as well as into the Champions League, he seems well-placed to discuss exactly what a high performing group looks like. 

“For me, a high performing group or team has to be a balance of being really positive but being slightly on edge.”

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