Strangest Premier League goal ever? Blackburn's phantom corner from 2011 revisited


Blackburn Rovers always felt like part of the furniture in the Premier League.

No matter whether they finished in the top four or bottom half during the 1990s or 2000s, things just wouldn't have felt right without the Ewood Park club plying their trade at the highest level.

Besides, it's crazy to think that one of only a handful of clubs to have conquered England's top-flight since the 1992 rebranding has been absent from the competition for the best part of a decade.

Blackburn relegated in 2012

It was desperately sad to see how Blackburn unraveled upon the ascension of the Venky's and the inexplicable decision to sack Sam Allardyce in 2010.

Ultimately, those key changes marked the beginning of the end for Rovers and sent them on a path towards Premier League relegation in 2012 from which they've barely recovered.

However, that doomed 2011/12 season wasn't without positive notes and did bear witness to one of the greatest ever performances from a player in a relegation-bound season.


Yakubu's stunning season

That's because cult hero Yakubu astonishingly helped himself to 18 goals in the competition, including four strikes in one game against Swansea City, despite Blackburn finishing 19th.

And in that most chaotic of seasons, Yakubu also played his part in one of the strangest goals in Premier League history, which Blackburn scored during a dramatic 3-3 draw at Wigan Athletic.

Steve Kean's men were awarded a corner with Wigan leading 2-1 and Yakubu looked as though he was going to take it, but ultimately just swung his leg near the ball and walked off.


Blackburn's phantom corner

So, he was just letting somebody else take the corner, right? No, actually, because the move seemed to be one big ploy as Morten Gamst Pedersen then proceeded to dribble directly from the quadrant.

Pedersen then fired a low-cross into Hoilett, who duly leveled the scores for Rovers with Andre Marriner approving the goal after adjudging that Yakubu had indeed touched the ball.

However, trust us when we say that no description can truly convey the goal's strangeness, so be sure to check out the crazy moment in all its glory down below:

What a bonkers goal that really is.

Man Utd tried it vs Chelsea

Now, those of you well-versed in Premier League history will know that Manchester United also scored from a similar trick against Chelsea when Ryan Giggs tried to fool the officials at Old Trafford.

However, United weren't so lucky and had the goal chalked off, making it all the more incredible that Blackburn would try such a thing only a few years later and bag themselves a different result.

Whether or not we'll see teams try their luck with it in the years to come remains to be seen, but we imagine the implementation of VAR means that players would need to be sneakier than ever.

Besides, I think only Yakubu knows whether or not he touched that corner for Blackburn but either way, it makes for one of the most curious goals we have ever seen in the Premier League.

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