Kieron Dyer vs Lee Bowyer: Why did Newcastle duo fight each other vs Aston Villa?

  • Kobe Tong

Newcastle United vs Aston Villa produced one of the wildest Premier League moments of all time back in 2005.

For all the bizarre red cards that have graced the English top-flight since its 1992 rebranding, it’s hard to think of many more infamous than Keiron Dyer and Lee Bowyer’s double dismissal.

There are few more surefire ways to get your own supporters riled up than getting sent off in a petty clash between players, but especially when those players happen to be teammates.

Infamous Premier League moment

And I’m sure we can all agree here that footage of Dyer and Bowyer scrapping it out against Villa despite both wearing Newcastle jerseys is one of the strangest sights in English football history.

Now, if you’re reading this article, then you probably know the gist of the story and just how livid the Newcastle players and staff were that the scrap reduced them to nine men within an instant.

However, you might not remember the argument that sparked Dyer and Bowyer’s clash in the first place because it was hardly publicised until as recently as 2018.


Dyer and Bowyer’s ridiculous argument

That’s because, ahead of the release of his autobiography, Dyer decided to use the Daily Mail as a platform through which he could tell the world about that infamous Premier League moment.

So, grab the popcorn and strap yourselves in as we take a trip down memory lane ahead of Newcastle’s latest clash with Villa and listen to Dyer’s account of his infamous scrap with Bowyer.

Dyer recalled: “Bowyer had come to show for the ball. He was available, but I thought there were better options and passed to another team-mate.

“Bowyer went crazy. ‘F****** pass me the ball,’ he screamed. ‘What are you talking about?’ I said. ‘You never pass me the ball,’ he said. I told him to do one but he chuntered a bit more.

“A few minutes later, he wanted me to lay it square to him. I thought there were better options. It wasn’t personal. Bow went absolutely nuts. ‘F****** hell,’ he yelled, ‘you never pass me the ball.’ 


“‘The reason I don’t pass you the ball,’ I said, ‘is because you’re f****** s***.'”

Woof, it’s fair to say you should pass the ball to Bowyer then…

“I think he hit me four times,” Dyer continued. “The punches didn’t hurt but by the time the fourth punch came in, I thought ‘f*** this’ and launched one back at him.

“Gareth Barry rushed in to restrain Bow and drag him away. Bow’s shirt was ripped down to his chest and he was still snarling and snapping and trying to get himself free.

“I was relatively calm, but I looked over at Bow again and he was frothing and raging. I didn’t realise that you could get sent off for fighting your team-mate.”


Silly argument, silly result

I can’t be alone in finding it fitting that such a wild Premier League incident came about from such a wild argument.

Besides, it’s the sort of bickering you’d expect from an under-sevens team, not a professional one, so it’s no wonder Alan Shearer and Graeme Souness were absolutely seething with the pair.

And so, as Newcastle prepare for their latest clash with Villa, they can at least reassure themselves that they got a double red card out of their system in that particular fixture a long time ago…

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