MMA: Lion Fight 64 fight ends in sensational knockout


Steve Walker showed just why he is the reigning Lion Fight North American super-cruiserweight champion with his insane tornado kick knockout on Friday night.

In a move usually only seen on video games, Walker retained his title in outstanding fashion as he defeated the hapless Brian Collette at Lion Fight 64.

The Muay Thai star put away his opponent inside 48 seconds in a move that stunned those in attendance.

With Collette already reeling following a series of body kicks, Walker seized his opportunity to end the contest in the most extraordinary way.

Feinting to land another body kick, Walker quickly jumped and produced a full 360 degree turn before connecting his left foot right into the face of Collette, whose hands were up, but of no use.

The ‘smack’ was as audible as it was devastating, as Collette collapsed into the ropes with the referee sparing him any more punishment.

Social media shortly caught wind of Walker’s remarkable move, which shortly after went viral. One Twitter user wrote: ‘”Holy s***. That TKD kick was insane.”

Another user wrote: ‘”The Force is strong with this one,” while another joked: “Yooooo my man wanted that high kick, just had to put a little sauce on it.

“Ole buddy is probably still on baby giraffe legs.”

One fight fan hit the nail on the head, posting: “The tornado kick is a very powerful tool to have in your arsenal, most of us can only dream of landing one as beautifully as this.”

Not everyone, however, was as impressed with the tornado kick. Much of the focus on the fight’s climax was of Collette’s poor showing, with fans questioning why he didn’t do more to protect himself.


Some of the damning tweets of Collette’s performance read: ‘That kick took forever to land. The other guy probably just froze,” and “How you just going to stand there like a punching bag?”

One user wants to see Walker tested a bit more, posting: ‘”Looks good but to be fair the other guy was just standing there.

“Target practice. I wonder how good he looks when the opponent is fighting back?”

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