Bayern news: Kingsley Coman facing €50k fine after driving wrong car to training

Kingsley Coman

Kingsley Coman has had an unbelievable career.

The French winger has played for three European giants in Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and Bayern Munich.

Remarkably, in his nine years as a professional footballer, Coman has won the league title every single season.

Given he has played for three massive clubs and is one of the best wingers in Europe, it goes without saying that he would have earned millions.

However, he is almost certainly going to be €50k poorer after his actions on the weekend.

Kingsley Coman

Coman was pictured arriving to Bayern's training ground driving a Mercedes.

While that seems like a normal thing to do, that's actually against the rules at the Bavarian giants, according to Bild.

This is because Bayern are sponsored by Audi.

Audi own 8.33% in the club and their sponsorship is worth around £42.8million a year.

Every player at Bayern is given an Audi and they are permitted to drive for business appointments, including training, in the car. That particular rule was put in place in January 2020.

For that reason, Coman was actually barred from entering the grounds when he turned up in his Mercedes on the weekend.

Instead, he had to park on the street outside and walk in. An image has emerged of him doing so.


Imagine being fined €50k for turning up to work in the wrong car?!

Remarkably, this is actually the second time that Coman has fallen foul of the rules.

Back in April 2020, Coman was punished after turning up to training in a McLaren 570S Spider.

He would later blame a damaged wing mirror on his Audi as the reason.

"I'd like to apologize to the club and Audi for not having come to training in my company car," Coman said. "The reason was a damaged wing mirror on my Audi. It still was a mistake."

It will be interesting to see what his excuse is this time.

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