UFC Mount Rushmore: Dana White excludes McGregor & Khabib in his


During an interview with The Schmozone Podcast, UFC president Dana White revealed who he believes would be on UFC’s Mount Rushmore.

First up for the head of the organisation is BJJ maestro Royce Gracie, the first champion in the promotion’s history.

Speaking about Gracie, White said: “I mean if you talk about a Mount Rushmore, where their heads are carved in stone forever, you have to go Royce Gracie, no brainer, you have to do that.”

Second is current two-division champion Amanda Nunes, with White claiming: “Amanda Nunes, it has to be Amanda Nunes. The greatest female fighter ever.”

Third on White’s Mount Rushmore is Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, the controversial king of the light heavyweight division for almost 10 straight years.

“I would have to go with Jon Jones. The guy’s never been beaten.”

As a side note, Jones’ record is in fact blemished by one loss though this came via a disqualification.


Last but not least, White gave props to the legendary Chuck Lidell, stating: “At the point in time, he was the biggest star ever.”

Notable Omissions

As understandable as White’s choices were, many have been left wondering where the likes of Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva, masterful fighters who enjoyed incredible, lengthy title reigns in their time, fit in.

Regarding the aforementioned two, White said: “If you look at what Anderson Silva did for Brazil and GSP did for Canada, these guys had an impact on an entire country which is very massive and very strong.”

Not quite strong enough for White’s Big Four though it seems.

Funnily enough, GSP gave his UFC Mount Rushmore last week as well, and he opted for a different crop of fighters.


There’s also the 29-0 Khabib Nurmagomedov to consider. The Dagestani Sambo-practitioner fought a perfect career from top to bottom as the ace of the lightweight division.

Some might even argue that his old nemesis Conor McGregor is worthy of consideration. While his win-loss record is not what it once was, the Irishman remains a pioneer of self-promotion in the sport and the man who brought movement culture into MMA.

Similar to McGregor, Ronda Rousey was another exceptional fighter who helped bring UFC into the mainstream.

White’s opinions were met with a polarising reception by fans of the sport.

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