Arsenal icon Thierry Henry cheekily mocked Jamie Carragher ahead of Wolves vs Liverpool

  • Kobe Tong

Thierry Henry was back in the Sky Sports hot seat for Monday Night Football this week.

It feels like an eternity ago that the Arsenal legend was taking to the Sky studio every weekend to give his expert opinion on the Premier League in his typically cool and sophisticated manner.

Besides, Henry has since burrowed down into the rabbit hole of football management, taking charge of AS Monaco and Montreal Impact with varying degrees of success.

Henry’s Premier League legacy

But you get the feeling that Henry never likes to go too long without checking in on the competition that saw him become one of the world’s best players between 1999 and 2007. 

There is, after all, good reason to think that Henry is the greatest player in Premier League history with a record-breaking four Golden Boots and an invincible season in his locker.

And somebody who knows that all-too-well was the pundit sat alongside him on Monday night: Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher.


Henry and Carragher’s battles

Truth be told, it’s hard to name a single Premier League defender who locked horns with Henry during his Arsenal heyday and came out the other side without being utterly humiliated.

And while there were certainly times that Liverpool were able to shackle Arsenal’s all-time record goalscorer, we’re inclined to think they were mere battles in a war won by Henry.

Besides, you can hardly go more than a week without Henry’s iconic solo goal against the Reds in 2003/04 being replayed with Carragher featuring amongst the defenders to be mugged off.


Henry’s cheeky MNF comment

And it’s clear that Henry’s happy memories of leaving Carragher in his dust were fresh on his mind when they were reunited to analyse Liverpool’s trip to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

We say that because it took all of a few seconds for Henry to take the mickey out of his old rival, producing a hilarious quip about being familiar with keeping Carragher two metres away from him.

It’s not for no reason that both Premier League icons were left chuckling after the cheeky comment, so be sure to check it out down below as it sweeps across social media:

Ah, you love to see it.

Henry is Carragher’s toughest opponent

But just in case you think Henry was having a cheap joke, it’s important to remember that Carragher considers the Frenchman to be the toughest opponent he’s ever faced, even above Lionel Messi.

Speaking to talkSPORT in 2020, Carragher explained by saying: “I think most people would agree with me in saying he’s the greatest player to ever play in the Premier League.


“That Arsenal team, of that era, I still say was the best team I ever played against – even when I’m thinking of the Milan, Madrid’s and Barcelona’s sides I faced.

“Possibly they [Arsenal and Henry] underachieved in terms of never winning the Champions League.

“He was fantastic and definitely the toughest player I ever came up against. I think he was the best player in the world for a year or two around that era with Arsenal.”


In other words, Thierry wasn’t kidding.

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