Call of Duty: Warzone: Activision ban another 30,000 cheaters


After an uproar from the gaming community, Raven software has taken unprecedented steps to improve the Call of Duty: Warzone experience by banning some 30,000 cheaters from the online platform. 

For those of you who don’t play online games (do you even lift?), having your in-game experience ruined by a bunch of cheaters, or bots, can be incredibly frustrating.

You come home from a rough day at work; you just want to cut loose in the Warzone arena; you enter, and immediately you are faced with an army of hacks who use aimbots to slay you with perfect headshots every time. It’s so annoying!

The virtual equivalent of a UFC fighter taking steroids and having retractable adamantium claws inserted into their knuckles mid-fight. 

It’s something that just about every Warzone enthusiast has had to deal with at some point, so little surprise the community was overjoyed to hear that Raven software has finally taken action and banned some 30,000 of the little pigs. 

The newest wave of bans is thought to have brought the total number of banned cheaters up to 100,000 for the year, and if the tweet below is anything to go by, there will be further banishings to come. 


One issue that Activision/Raven needs to address moving forward is how to keep the cheats from returning to the Warzone arena.

Banning them is easy enough, and it is a useful deterrent for gamers who make in-game purchases that are wiped along with the account during a ban, but, when you are the kind of troll that’s willing to spend hours upon hours coding wallhacks or making your character invincible, the idea of spending five minutes creating a new email account to regain access to the arena isn’t much of a snag. 

Hackers/cheats have been a frustrating part of the CoD Warzone community since Activision first took the franchise to the online arena, so it’s fantastic news for gamers to hear that they are now taking the issue more seriously. 


Getting rid of every single cheat will be a tough task for the CoD developers, but at least they are being proactive about it.

Plus, I’ll take all the help I can get, to be honest. I’m useless at CoD. 

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