Cheltenham festival: Punter makes sickening cash out decision


We've all got that one mate who loves nothing more than giving it the big one in the third-conditional regarding his gambling habits.

You know the sort: "I would have won £1 million if Suarez hadn't handled it on the line!" 

"I would have been able to buy a mansion in Greece if only Jonny Wilkinson's last-minute drop goal had sailed wide!" 

Strangely, these friends of ours never seem to have the receipts to back up their claims... 

One man who definitely does have the receipt to prove his tale of woe is the chap featured in the tweet below.


As you no doubt have seen, the unfortunate soul was riding high as Heaven Help Us cruised home to win the Cheltenham Coral Cup at 14.30, and appeared to have the Gods on his side when Put the Kettle On charged in to take the Queen Mother Champion Chase at 15.05. 

Unfortunately, clearly unable to live with himself were he to lose his original £2 bet, the punter lost his nerve and cashed out before the Glenfarclas Chase and the Grand Annual events got underway in Cheltenham, earning himself a tidy £276.65, a sizeable win given the original outlay. 

Nonetheless, had this hapless punter had the courage to continue riding the wave of success he was on, he would have watched as his third pick Tiger Roll crossed the line in first place at the Glenfarclas, and final pick Sky Pirate took the W at the Grand Annual.


Lucky punters who selected all four of these horses to win stood to win in excess of £30k, if they placed each way like the above punter did, a truly life-changing sum of money; enough to put a child through university.

The poor soul who cashed out may have to make do with a heavy night out on the town, topped off with an expensive kebab and all the garnishing once lockdown comes to an end. 

Let this be a lesson to us all; always hold on to your winners and ditch your losers. 

Goldman Sachs would tell you the exact same thing. 

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