Viral TikTok of outrageous NCAA women's facilities exposes major imbalance

NCAA Women's Basketball

A video of the NCAA women’s training facilities has gone viral after they were directly compared to those available for male athletes.

Shot by college basketball player Sedona Prince, the video has reached hundreds of thousands views within a matter of hours after exposing the clear chasm in quality between the men’s and women’s weight training facilities.

The video, which was originally posted on Prince’s TikTok, shows a measly rack of dumbbells provided for the female college athletes to share in preparation for their March Madness tournament. The shot then shows the men’s weight room, which is filled with benches and weights of every size.

Prince the revealed that photos of the women’s ‘weight room’ were released on social media and the NCAA hit back by diverting the blame onto lack of space rather than no funding. However, as shown in the video, the women’s training hall is a huge area with a lot of empty space that could be occupied with proper equipment.

Twitter users are up in arms in the comments section of the video. Many users are questioning the need for ‘gendered weight rooms’ in the first place, whilst user @MsCaliFox has tweeted: “42 years after I played sports women are still not treated equally in sports.”

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