Khabib was only wanted back by UFC so he could lose, claims Georges St-Pierre


UFC's push to entice Khabib Nurmagomedov out of retirement was so that he would lose his unbeaten record.

This is the remarkable view of legendary figure Georges St-Pierre.

Khabib hasn't fought in the Octagon since retiring in October 2020 after defeating Justin Gaethje to retain his lightweight championship and finish his career with an outstanding 29-0 record.

Despite calling it a day after promising his mother he would no longer fight following the death of his father, this hasn't stopped speculation of the Russian making a return.

Meetings have taken place with Dana White in the past with the UFC owner said to be keen on encouraging Khabib back. 

St-Pierre, himself retired since 2017, was one man rumoured to take on Khabib in a superfight should he make a comeback. This now looks unlikely, however, given his controversial claims and given the fact White confirmed overnight that the Russian is 100% done with fighting.

GSP believes that White didn't want Khabib to retire as abruptly on his own terms as he did and would rather see him lose before retiring.   

St-Pierre told ESPN: "From a business standpoint, for sure the UFC does not like one of their athletes to leave on their own terms, especially when they are champions.

"I believe they want to keep Khabib in because they feel like Khabib is undefeated.

"He has probably the most dominant career ever. I don't even know if he lost a round. He might have lost a round, but he dominated all his opponents.

They don't want him to leave on his terms, they want a guy to beat him, then after they're gonna be like: 'Okay, now you can leave.'


"But Khabib is smart, I think he's very smart, he left on top, and there's nothing wrong with that."

GSP's sensational statement will leave a damning image on UFC if it is true, with fans no doubt furious they would try to ruin Khabib's legendary career.

Having retired on his own terms like Khabib, it appears St-Pierre has a lot of admiration and respect for the man viewed as one of the best MMA fighters of all time, meaning a historic fight between the two now looks to be off the table.

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