The 10 most emotional WrestleMania moments of all-time have been ranked

The Undertaker features in the top 10 most emotional WWE WrestleMania moments in history

WWE has shown us over the years that it can bring every emotion possible to the table, especially when it comes to WrestleMania.

Whether Superstars are securing landmark victories on wrestling’s biggest stage or losing in the most painful of circumstances, careers of those involved have been made while others have come to a gyrating end.

The likes of The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio are involved in this list after some memorable and heartwarming moments were created by some of the greatest stars of all time.

But which one beats the rest? Have a look at what tops the lot regarding the most emotional WrestleMania moments.

10. The Rock vs John Cena - WrestleMania 28

It was the match that was dubbed “once in a lifetime,” when all along, The Rock had signed a contract where he would take part in three WrestleMania events, with this being his second.
It was a pretty unforgettable moment in the squared circle.

While Cena looked to mock his opponent’s People’s Elbow, he was caught napping as The Rock quickly leapt to his feet and inflicted a devastating Rock Bottom to win the match, leaving Cena disconsolate on the ramp.

9. Piper’s Farewell - 1994

Despite being another retirement that didn’t stick, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper earned himself a standing ovation at the Pontiac Silverdome.

After a long-standing feud with the “Adorable” Adrian Adonis, the two men squared off at Wrestlemania 3 where Piper would be victorious and left the ring for the final time to become a full-time actor.

8. Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart - WrestleMania 12

The longest match in WrestleMania history, and what a special one it was as well. After winning the Royal Rumble months before, Shawn Michaels got his title shot after his loss against Diesel the year before. The build-up to the match had Michaels as the underdog with Hart as the hard-working defending champion.

After a gruelling Iron Man match, Michaels secured the pin during sudden death which saw him burst into the tears in the middle of the ring, grasping the Championship belt tight to his chest.

7. Rise of the Ultimate Warrior

If ever there was a moment to put a Superstar on the map - this was it.

With Hulk Hogan as the company’s top babyface by the time WrestleMania 6 came around, he effectively passed the torch to Warrior in a touching moment in the centre of the ring as The Warrior won the title on the biggest stage.

6. The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels

Billed as “Streak vs Career” at WrestleMania 26, both The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels locked horns in what was a dream match for many fans.

After The Heartbreak Kid looked like he would win the match on several occasions, The Deadman extended his unbeaten streak to 18-0 and shook the hand of Michaels in a moment of embrace and respect - pulling on the heartstrings of those in the crowd.

5. Rey Mysterio’s win for Eddie

WrestleMania 22 was about more than just Rey Mysterio’s title win, but also the memory of a dear friend.

Eddie Guerrero passed away in November 2005 and Mysterio’s push for the title was in Latino Heat’s memory.

With an intense feud going into the match with Randy Orton, Mysterio celebrated with his family and Eddie’s brother Chavo at the end, in what was an extremely moving moment.

4. Savage’s reunion

Before Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, there was Randy Savage’s relationship with Miss Elizabeth.

The Liz we saw on screens captured the hearts of fans almost immediately and this was encapsulated during WrestleMania 7 where Miss Elizabeth came to Savage’s rescue, sharing their love in the squared circle while leaving some fans in tears.

3. Daniel Bryan’s miracle

Daniel Bryan’s triumph at WrestleMania was the classic underdog story that sent fans wild across the globe.

After Bryan trapped Batista in the “Yes! Lock,” the Animal frantically tapped which was followed by mass celebrations with Bryan crowned the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

2. The Undertaker’s streak ends

This moment in WrestleMania history had fans sharing every emotion imaginable and was certainly one of the most surprising moments in recent history.

Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker to end his unbeaten streak, much to the shock of Paul Heyman and the crowd. WWE did not play Lesnar’s music straight away. Instead, they displayed a graphic that showed “21-1,” The Undertaker’s record at WrestleMania.

As Lesnar was announced as the winner and was booed out of the arena, The Deadman received a standing ovation with chants of “thank you ‘Taker” heard from the 75,000 crowd.

1. “I’m sorry, I love you”

This iconic moment easily tops our list. Not only because of what happened during the match but also due to what Michaels said to Flair.

Before HBK delivered his Sweet Chin Music to The Nature Boy, he could be seen saying “I’m sorry, I love you,” before catching his mentor with the devastating blow that ended his career.

There were no celebrations as almost every camera angle showed someone crying as Flair bowed out for the final time at WrestleMania. A heartwarming moment in the history of WWE.

What are your thoughts on our list? Do you agree? Are there any other emotional WrestleMania moments that should have been listed? Get in touch and let us know!

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