Glen Kamara: Slavia Prague condemn vile banner aimed at Rangers ace

Glen Kamara and Ondrej Kudela

There were sad scenes on Thursday evening as Glen Kamara was allegedly racially abused during Rangers vs Slavia Prague.

Kamara, 25, was visibly upset after a comment made by Ondrej Kudela.

Kudela has denied he was racist, later claiming he said: “You’re a f****** guy”.

Kamara, in a statement released on Friday evening, called these comments a ‘lie’ and accused his opponent of calling him a ‘f****** monkey’.

The Rangers ace has also urged UEFA to take action against Kudela, adding: “The vile racist abuse by Ondrej Kudela took place on the international stage and any failure to act by Uefa will be viewed as a green light for racism.


“If Uefa genuinely wants to ‘show racism the red card’, then it’s time to stop the tokenism and take a zero-tolerance approach.”

The whole situation is an extremely sad one and one that is simply not acceptable.

But it has taken another dark turn after a banner unveiled by a group of Slavia Prague ultras.

It reads: “Kamara – just a ******”.


Their image showing the banner has now been taken down by Instagram. But that has not stopped them creating another post with a link to view an uncensored version of their banner.

It’s important to note that this is just a select few Slavia Prague fans that are responsible for the banner.

Not everyone connected with the club shares the same views, including the club’s chairman, Jaroslav Tvrdík.

Tvrdík condemned the banner on Twitter, writing: “Feeling extremely ashamed by the content of the picture published by a group of radical fans. This is absolutely disgusting, embarrassing, racist. NO TO RACISM!”


The club also released a statement on Saturday morning condemning the banner.

“The club is absolutely disgusted by the racist photograph published online by a group of alleged “fans” on Friday night,” their statement read.

“We condemn this act as totally unacceptable, and we distance ourselves from it. It is an unprecedented backstabbing of the club and its ideals.

“SK Slavia Praha files criminal complaint against unknown individuals involved in the preparation and publishing of the picture. The club will launch its own inquiry into this matter in order to identify those individuals.”

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