Call of Duty: Warzone streamer turns baguette into controller, lands epic kill


Recently a Call of Duty: Warzone streamer had fellow gamers in stitches as he took using weird and wacky controllers to a whole new level: he used a baguette as a controller.

Using unusual objects as controllers is a more common practice than expected, however, and gamers have been known to employ wide ranging implements in their search for gaming excellence.

Recently, instruments such as drum sets and flutes have been used by players, but this baguette has been the only wheat-based controller to date. In addition, it can be argued the baguette’s gun-like shape gave its user a virtual-reality-esque experience too.

Call of Duty: Warzone does actually have rules against some alternative controllers being used to give users the upper hand, but unsurprisingly the rule makers didn’t anticipate this kind of culinary cross-over and using a baguette as a controller is well within the rules.

In a clip on the subreddit r/CODWarzone, shared by _Rudeism, the streamer can be seen gunning an opponent down with the baguette controller. Draining work, clearly, as he then lifts the baguette to his mouth and takes a bite to regain a bit of energy.

Although seemingly rudimentary, and something of a half-baked job, with wires sticking out and buttons misaligned, the baguette controller appears effective. It responds well to his movements and in the clip, the streamer grabs a gun, dives off a balcony, and guns down a gamer seamlessly.


The calibration of the baguette is baked to perfection too as it responds perfectly to his movements with no lag or jumpiness.

Redditors in the comments to the post clearly enjoyed what they saw as they joked about the ironies of gunning people down with food.

One commentor pointed out that the players gunned down would never know quite how funny and unusual their virtual deaths had been.

If they did know, they would certainly have been embarrassed by their crumby downfall.

The streamer explained the mechanics of the controller in the comments on the post: The baguette is filled with a handful of buttons, a gyroscope, and some electrical tape.

The controller in fact lasted no less than eight hours before falling apart – something probably not massively helped by the bites he had been taking out of it intermittently – but still very impressive.

Streamers taking to unusual controllers is nothing new but has seen a surge in recent popularity.


The baguette controller was the first of its kind, however, and it will be unsurprising if more gamers employ the baguette controller in their search for gaming creativity.

It is certainly an effective tool, as demonstrated by how the streamer in question had his opponents on toast for much of the stream.

It is hard not to wonder what wacky controller we will see next.

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