Conor McGregor reminded by UFC fans that Khabib Nurmagomedov dropped him


Fight fans have long memories. 

One man who should've taken that into account is Conor McGregor.

In an apparent attempt to mock and undermine the career and ability of Khabib Nurmagomedov, it's fair to say he didn't get away with it.

Following several talks with UFC owner Dana White, Khabib officially retired from MMA action with his last bout coming against Justin Gaethje in October 2020, where retained his lightweight title and ended his career unbeaten.

His 29-0 record will stand the test of time, with Khabib highly regarded as one of the best fighters there has ever been. 

According to McGregor, however, that may not be true.

Usually when a legend of a sport retires, his fans and peers are glowing in their praise of the legacy they have left behind. That's not McGregor's style.


With Khabib's retirement confirmed, 'Notorious' took to social media to try pour cold water over the hype regarding the Russian's career, telling his foe on Instagram: "Never forget who came in the game and made ye.”

Not stopping there, McGregor highlighted Khabib's knockout record within the Octagon, which is modest at best, but doesn't tell the full story.

For a boxing and hard-hitting fighter like McGregor, knockouts are everything. He has won 19 out of his 27 bouts by knockout, compared to eight from 30 fights that Khabib has. In a post on his Twitter, McGregor used those stats to try paint a different perspective on Khabib's career, accusing 'The Eagle' of having 'zero power'. 

Khabib Did Drop You, Conor

Such a statement came to the attention of fight fans who, like we said, don't forget often and they quickly set out to remind McGregor of just how powerful Khabib can be.

Of course, the pair have history, dating back to their fight in 2018 where Khabib got the better of the Irishman.

Not only did McGregor's jibes seems strange given he lost to the Russian, his bold claim of him having 'zero power' appeared more ridiculous after several fans jogged McGregor's memory of the devastating right hand that dropped him during their fight. 

One of the captions that accompanied the image of the punch read: "Still dropped you mate."

And another said: "He dropped you though. Also has a better chin than you."

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Khabib may not have the fight by a knockout, but he certainly showed he has plenty of power.

Perhaps McGregor will think twice next time about opening his mouth too soon? Don't bet on it. 

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