Jon Jones mocks Khabib Nurmagomedov in deleted Instagram post


Jon Jones has yet again taken to Instagram in an attempt to impugn Khabib Nurmagomedov‘s status as one of the greatest.

His remarks came soon after Dana White made it official that the Russian had indeed bid farewell to MMA. 

While the acknowledgment of the retirement was a bit delayed – six months to be accurate – it did not take long for Jones to take a dig at Khabib.

In an Instagram post that has now been deleted, he posted the famous Olympic podium meme with himself atop (obviously) and Khabib right at the bottom, celebrating his relatively smaller achievements.

The caption read: “Nothing wrong with going out on top, enjoy retirement champ.”

While it’s not the first time that Jones has done something similar – and it probably won’t be the last either – it remains unclear as to why belittling a true UFC great appeals to the American as much as it does. 

Khabib bowed out with a win against Justin Gaethje at UFC 254, and in the process, defended his title for the third consecutive time, a feat as good as any.

If you further factor in the fact that he retired with a 29-0 professional record, you would do well to not applaud him as arguably the greatest.

To Jones, however, nothing – and nobody – seems good enough when compared to his 14 title fight wins, which obviously is a quite remarkable record.

He did put his thoughts on record back in October 2020 as well, when Khabib announced his retirement.

In a video recorded for BT Sport, he said: “15 title fights to your guy’s four: are you guys really talking about who is the best fighter ever?”

This would be much more appropriate as a response had Khabib ever challenged his status, but seeing as that has not happened, Jones’ comments do seem out of place.