WWE Fastlane: Randy Orton's wife tweets Alexa Bliss after pin technique


Alexa Bliss has been on the receiving end of a stern warning by Randy Orton’s wife Kim Marie following her rather seductive finish to last night's Fastlane match. 

Of course, that's now how Bliss intended it to be, but you can't help WWE fans reacting in that way, as well as Orton's wife.

Following his defeat to Bliss in an intergender clash, Marie went right to Twitter land to give a very simple yet ominous message to Bliss.

Her tweet read: “@AlexaBliss_WWE you might’ve just f***** up little girl.”

Kim certainly did not mince her words, did she? If this is anything to go by, this will only get more interesting.

Bray Wyatt, aka “The Fiend”, whose interference contributed to Bliss’ win - Wyatt stared down Orton moments before he hit the iconic Sister Abigail - could reportedly bring an end to his and Orton’s rivalry in a match due to be played next month at WrestleMania 37.

The Fiend didn’t seem to have any shortage of love for Orton last night, grabbing his ankle, that, too, from under the ring, only to follow it up with another sensational move as he soared up from under the ring. And well, we all know what followed.


Kim will surely not forget that one moment right towards the end, when Bliss, having pinned Orton, sat atop him for a rather dramatic pose while The Fiend stood behind over a beaten Orton.

You have to say, it was quite a return to WWE TV for Wyatt, who had been away for a while after being torched by Orton in their Firefly Inferno match at WWE TLC in December last year.

While some would argue that he has had his revenge, this storyline certainly still has legs.

Bliss hasn’t responded to Kim as of yet, however, she did welcome The Fiend’s return to action with an Instagram post that read, "He’s back (with an accompanying devil emoji)".

Talk about adding fuel to fire.

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