Zlatan cries in Sweden press conference after question about family

  • Rob Swan

Zlatan Ibrahimovic likes to portray himself as a God, but the legendary striker proved he’s very much human during an emotional press conference on Monday.

The 39-year-old was reduced to tears after being asked a difficult question about his family during his first press conference since returning to Sweden’s national team.

Zlatan, who returns to international football following a five-year absence, struggled to hide his emotions when asked what his sons thought of his decision to return to the world stage.

The AC Milan superstar has two sons: Maximilian, 14, and Vincent, 12.

Ibrahimovic admitted his youngest son, Vincent, was upset when he left him in order to reunite with the Swedish national team.

A journalist asked: “Zlatan, to go back to a question about your family. How did the family react when you decided to make a comeback to the national team? What did you say to your sons?”


Ibra responded: “That’s not a good question you’re asking. I had Vincent here who really cried when I left him. But not it’s okay.”

The question got to Zlatan, who shed a few tears before composing himself.


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Every parent - especially those who have to leave their children for work purposes - will empathise with Zlatan here.

It’s actually quite refreshing to see his human side come out. If anything, this rare display of emotion will endear him even more to football fans all over the world.

"To play in the national team is the biggest thing you can do as a football player, and as I was following them (Sweden), inside me I was feeling I think I can help them, I think I can do something," Ibrahimovic added, per Sky Sports.


"Obviously it's not up to me, what a player wants and what a coach wants, it has to go together.

"I've got the opportunity now to play for my country and I do it with honour, but it's not only about that - it sounds like I'm only happy to be here, but I'm here to get results, to bring results for the coach and my team-mates and the whole country.

"As much as I talk here, if I don't bring results, here it means nothing."

Zlatan, who has scored 62 goals in 116 appearances for his country, could start in Sweden’s 2022 World Cup qualifier against Georgia on Thursday.

He will then face Kosovo three days later before Sweden’s final match of this international break: a friendly against Estonia next week.

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