WWE star Ember Moon reveals who was behind her return to NXT

Ember Moon

Ember Moon returned to NXT at October's TakeOver 31 event last year, following a 14-month injury. Moon was originally part of the SmackDown roster, but came back to the Black and Gold Brand instead.

Speaking exclusively to GIVEMESPORT, Ember revealed she spoke to Triple H about coming back to NXT after thinking that would be the best brand for her.

"I started just looking and I was like, I don't know if I fit in on RAW, I don't know if I fit in on SmackDown - but NXT that's someplace I fit in," she revealed.

"So I went and I had a meeting and I just told him [Triple H] how I felt. And he was just like, 'Okay, if this is something you really want to do, F-yeah, I would love to have you back. But we got to see, because we all know that they really love you up there."

Moon kept in close contact with Triple H through all her foot issues, and even had Hall of Famer Edge reach out to her.

She was told by a surgeon that a second surgery might be needed on her foot, fortunately this wasn't the case and she was cleared to return.

Ember revealed Triple was the first person she spoke to after hearing this news.

"Honestly, the first phone call I made, it wasn't to my husband, it wasn't to any of my friends - It was to Triple H."

Her return to the Black and Gold Brand was confirmed by Triple H, and she got to work on how she would come back.

"I got a text from Triple H saying welcome home, we got you back. And I was like, 'Yes, I'm coming back baby,' and so I ended up staying an extra week filming all these vignettes because they asked what do you want to do?"

Ember Moon and Rhea Ripley

Moon said she wanted to keep the audience guessing with the vignettes, and to rebrand her character when she came back.

"I really want to do this Mad Max thing. Make some video game stuff and let's just kind of rebrand Ember Moon as me outside of the crazy red eyes and the werewolf vampire screams and everything like that, let's just make me, me.

"I poured my heart into it, because I thought about it for so long. And the creative team just made it work."

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