Alexander Povetkin's monstrous KO after opponent taunted him


Alexander Povetkin is one of the biggest-hitters in the heavyweight division.

The former Olympic champion has 36 wins in his professional career, 25 of which have been won by knockout.

Last year, Dillan Whyte painfully found this out, losing by TKO in the fifth round to Povetkin – despite controlling the fight in the early stages.

He’s a man who commands his opponents’ respect – not only because of his 75cm reach – having scored KOs over the likes of Carlos Takam, Johann Duhaupas and David Price.

But one KO will long live in the memory of boxing fans: Povetkin laying out an arrogant Manuel Charr.

In 2013, Povetkin lost to former heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, the result of which led to the Russian fighter completely changing his training routine and diet, bouncing back by taking on Charr.


The Beiruit boxer had been taunting Povetkin throughout the opening rounds, playing mind games with the White Lion.

It didn’t work out too well for Charr however, as he was knocked down in the seventh, causing the referee to stop the fight without even counting.

The only other man to stop Povetkin is Britain’s Anthony Joshua and prior to their 2018 bout, AJ paid tribute to the dangerous Russian.

“The only person Povetkin has lost to is Wladimir Klitschko,” Joshua told Sky before the fight.

“Povetkin’s a big puncher. He’s small – Mike Tyson-esque. But I think he can just punch. It was the same with Joseph Parker – I felt all he wanted to do was just land one shot. He knew he couldn’t outbox me or outsmart me.

“I’ll be smarter than Povetkin but he still possesses that threat to come and execute that one punch knock-out.”

Povetkin’s next bout is set to be a rematch with Whyte, taking place in Gibraltar this weekend.

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