Romelu Lukaku: Ex-Man Utd striker's incredible physique after losing 16lbs

  • Kat Lucas

Romelu Lukaku’s form since joining Inter Milan has suggested Manchester United may have made a mistake letting him go.

Whereas the Red Devils are still searching for a consistent centre-forward and might have to dip into the market to sign Erling Haaland – at great expense – their former Belgian striker has been scoring for fun in Serie A.

Forging a lethal partnership with Lautaro Martinez, the 27-year-old has scored 59 goals in his 85 appearances for the Nerazzurri so far. 

As things stand, he also looks set to win the Scudetto under Antonio Conte. 

Lukaku’s physical transformation has been crucial to his success in Milan.

Back in 2019, he admitted he had been 9 lbs overweight at Old Trafford due to a digestive problem. 

Jose Mourinho, who signed him for United, then feared he’d lost his pace when he spent too much time in the gym bulking up. 

Talk about his physique has evidently bothered the forward, who later posted on Instagram: “Not bad for a fat boy” alongside a mirror selfie.


Recently, he discussed his diet on Inter’s club podcast. 

“When I joined Inter we did an analysis of my body and a lot has changed,” he said. 

“I eat a lot of salad and fish, which has a great effect on me. I take carnitine, it makes me feel good, and I take vitamins.

“I eat salad for lunch, a lot of chicken breast, shirataki noodles. Since following this lifestyle I feel better on the pitch, more responsive and faster.

“I love sweet potatoes and black rice, I don’t eat pasta.

“I have reached another level, physically and mentally. The day before the game I can go overboard with carbohydrates. After most matches I eat two packs of gnocchi. They get into my circulation quickly, they help me a lot.”

Lukaku’s transformation 

Per La Gazzetta dello Sport, he’s lost 16 lbs since teaming up with Matteo Pincella, a former rugby nutritionist who now works for Inter.

The results have been remarkable – take a look at some of the photos from his Instagram: 


Lukaku hasn’t been skipping leg day either, it seems. For reference, this was how he shaped up at United: 


Claims that he was ‘overweight’ were very harsh but he has evidently been working hard in the gym. 

Lukaku has displayed a truly elite mentality since moving to Italy and Inter have been reaping the rewards. 

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