Cristiano Ronaldo: Remembering when he was asked to score in complete darkness


Cristiano Ronaldo might just be the greatest goalscorer in football history.

We say ‘might be’ because doubt still remains over the exact number of goals scored by the likes of Josef Bican, Ferenc Deak and Romario.

One thing is for sure - Cristiano Ronaldo knows where the back of the net is.

The Portuguese superstar scored 118 goals for Manchester United, 450 for Real Madrid and, at the time of writing, 95 for Juventus.

Oh, and he’s closing in on the all-time record of most international goals scored with 102.

He can score with his right foot, left foot or head. He can score 30-yarders or tap-ins. He’s scored a fair few penalties, too.


But can he score in the dark?

Well, that was the task given to him during a documentary called ‘Ronaldo: Tested to the limit’ which aired back in 2011.

At the time, Ronaldo was at his peak and breaking all sorts of record for Real Madrid.

But he couldn’t possibly score in the dark, could he?

To show how difficult it is for normal humans, the crew brought along amateur player ‘Ronald’.


As the ball was crossed in, they turned the lights off leaving the players needing to work out where the ball would arrive by analysing the body position of the crosser and the speed of the delivery.

Ronald was up first and completely missed the ball.


This wasn’t going to be easy for Cristiano.

However, with his first attempt, Ronaldo produced a perfect diving header to convert the cross into the back of the net.


Was it just luck?

In his second attempt, the ball was delivered slightly lower and bounced awkwardly in front of Ronaldo. However, despite not being able to see anything, he produced a half-volley into the goal.


It was time to step it up a notch.

Instead of turning the light off when the ball was mid-flight, they decided they would descend the room into blackness just as the feeder was about to kick it.


Surely this would be impossible.

However, somehow, Ronaldo anticipated where the ball would go and produced a finish with his shoulder after admitting he was ‘scared to go with his face.’


The narrator explains “the test proves Ronaldo can perform an almost impossible task. He can make decisions this quickly and with such little information to go on because, in his subconscious, he’s an expert in the science involved.”

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