Craziest chip ever? AZ Alkmaar player went viral for physics-defying moment in 2018

  • Kobe Tong

Chipped goals make for some of the most beautiful sights in football.

There's something about the nonchalance of floating the ball over the goalkeeper that makes for some of the most aesthetically-pleasing goals in the history of the beautiful game.

Whether it's David Beckham achieving it from the halfway line or Philippe Albert strutting his stuff from the edge of the penalty area, you always know that it's going to get fans on their feet.

Chipped goals

However, one of the things that make chipped goals so beautiful is how rare they are because it's by no means easy to perfectly flight a shot above the reach of a world-class goalkeeper.

Well, that and the fact you need to have the cojones to attempt the chip in the first place because if you bungle the execution, then it's inevitable that the fans and manager will eat you alive.

But not all failed chips are the result of poor execution and nobody knows that better than former AZ Alkmaar midfielder Mats Seuntjens, who made international headlines in December 2018.


AZ Alkmaar vs PEC Zwolle

The incident transpired during AZ's clash with PEC Zwolle in the KNVB Cup, which eventually ended in a comfortable 5-0 victory for the home side at AFAS stadium.

But AZ could have extended their lead even further if it wasn't for the fact that Seuntjens' attempted chip during the first-half seemed to defy the laws of physics.

We say that because Seuntjens' had so much backspin that, although it floated over the head of the Zwolle goalkeeper, it dramatically spun away from danger as soon as it bounced on the goal-line.


Chip defies the laws of physics

Naturally, you'd expect the momentum of the strike to mean that when the ball landed just shy of glory, that it would still hop into the net, but mother nature clearly had other ideas.

And although we could whip out a chalkboard and our old physics GCSE textbooks to try and explain the incident, it pretty much has to be seen to be believed, so check it out down below:

Somebody call Sir Isaac Newton because he clearly got that gravity thing wrong.

Such a bizarre incident

Jokes aside, it's astonishing to think that Seuntjens got underneath the ball so much, sending it into a spinning frenzy, that it became a ticking time bomb to ping away the moment it hit the ground.

It's almost like an extreme, in-game version of the old trend where footballers would try and score from behind the goalposts, calling on backspin to make what seemed impossible, possible.


And clearly Seuntjens would be very good at that challenge because if we know anything about the current Fortuna Sittard man, then it's his world-class ability to get backspin on his chips...

Sounds a bit niche when you put it like that, doesn't it? 

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