Man Utd's Paul Pogba was sent off for 'world's coolest penalty' vs Liverpool in 2011

  • Kobe Tong

Paul Pogba doesn't always do things by the book.

That's not necessarily a criticism, by the way, because the unique ways in which Pogba goes about playing for Manchester United makes him one of the most entertaining players in the sport.

Seeing him gallop around Premier League pitches is always a sight to behold because you know that he's only ever a few seconds away from producing one of the moments of the game.

Pogba rising through the ranks

Whether it's a stunning diagonal pass or a goal-of-the-season contender, you know that - at the end of the day - few Premier League have the innate ability and talent that Pogba does.

And while Pogba wasn't necessarily valued during his early days at United, eventually being sold to Juventus in 2012 with little fanfare, that beautiful eccentricity has always been apparent.

Besides, Pogba wasn't afraid to be himself during the famous 2010/11 FA Youth Cup campaign that culminated in United winning the competition with players like Jesse Lingard and Ravel Morrison.


2010/11 FA Youth Cup

And although Pogba more than played his part for the 'Class of 2011', arguably his most famous moment from that silverware journey was one in which his idiosyncracies backfired.

We say that because Pogba was one of four players to be dismissed during the topsy-turvy FA Youth Cup quarter-final against Liverpool, which United ultimately won 3-2 at Anfield.

However, of all the sendings off on that hectic spring day on Merseyside, Pogba's was by far the strangest because it came down to the technique that he used to take a penalty for United.


Pogba sent off for penalty

The future World Cup winner had the chance to score for the Red Devils in front of a 12,000-strong crowd and did so with an outrageous fake shot that left Liverpool goalkeeper Tyrell Belford baffled.

The little feint was enough to give Pogba a clear picture of where he should place the penalty, duly rippling the net, but his pause had long since wandered past the laws of the game.

It is, of course, illegal to fake shooting a penalty and thus, Pogba received his second yellow card of the day, picking up the unlikely statistic of having been sent off for scoring a spot-kick in tandem.

Liverpool 2-3 Man Utd

Thankfully for United, though, the rules allow a retake and Larnell Cole was on hand to score the penalty without any fuss, ultimately teeing his side for glory courtesy of Morrison's bicycle kick.

So, it's fair to say the game was about as hectic as Pogba's penalty was bizarre and who knows, perhaps it was playing on the mind of Sir Alex Ferguson when he decided to sell the player in 2012.

And if you think that sounds like a huge leap in logic, bear in mind for a second that Ferguson was in attendance that fateful day. Perhaps he paused for thought just as Pogba paused his run-up...

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