Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson downs half a bottle of tequila without even flinching

WWE icon The Rock proved he's made of strong stuff by downing half a bottle of tequila

Dwayne Johnson is a man of many talents. 

From professional wrestler to Hollywood superstar and everything in between, The Rock has proven time and time again that he really can do it all.

And that includes downing copious amounts of alcohol for viral Tik Tok challenges. 

Let's be honest, shotting tequila isn't the most pleasant of experiences, is it?

The chances are, whenever your mate asks you to slam some shots at the bar, you'll be doing everything you can to dodge it before eventually trying to avoid bringing the booze back up again. 

But that's not how The Rock rolls. Oh no, The Rock can drink tequila without even flinching. 

When taking on a viral Tik Tok challenge that asks people to take a shot without pulling a disgusted face, Johnson took things to a new level. Check out his video below:

Yep, that's The Rock casually drinking half a bottle of tequila without even flinching. After doing so, he correctly boasted that he's 'still the people's champion'.

With skills like that, we can't disagree. We mere mortals could only dream of doing something like that. 

The Rock actually completed the challenge with his own brand Teremana Tequila - which he launched exactly one year ago.  

The Rock smashed a viral Tik Tok challenge

Given how easily Rocky can down half a bottle, we bet there will be plenty of people willing to give that a try next time they're asked to do shots. 

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of his launch, Johnson wrote:

"It’s an honour to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEREMANA and THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU for the incredible love, support and ENJOYMENT you give and find in Teremana. 

The Rock's tequila is very popular

"You’ve made Teremana the fastest growing spirit EVER and it’s our privilege to deliver for you. Love you guys, thank you all and enjoy your MANA! Cheers to health, passion and joy!!!"

Not many of us would be feeling too healthy after downing half a bottle of tequila, but there we go. You sure it wasn't water, Dwayne?

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