WWE legend Daniel Bryan names his 8 future WrestleMania dream opponents

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is arguably one of the best wrestlers on the planet at the moment. The 39-year-old, who returned to the ring in 2018 after a neck injury forced him to retire, spoke to talkSPORT about who his dream matches would be.

He noted that new NXT UK recruit Bailey Matthews, son of William Regal, is one name he'd like to face in the future:

“If I could do a match ten years from now, and this is assuming that I’m still capable of doing it and that he progresses to a level like that, one of the things that I think would be really cool… William Regal’s son, Bailey Matthews.

“He just recently started on NXT UK. For his experience level, he’s doing really well."

Before his current feud with Roman Reigns and Edge, the leader of the YES! Movement had a series of matches with Cesaro. Bryan admitted he'd be interested in facing the Swiss Cyborg on the biggest stage of them all:

“There’s also this idea of doing something with Cesaro, somebody like that," he said.

“Somebody where it’s like, ‘hey, we’ve grown up together, now we’re adults together. Let’s just do one big, cool WrestleMania match together! Let’s just throw it all out there!"

Daniel Bryan and Cesaro

He went on to mention a dream match with his former trainer and another exceptional in ring performer, Shawn Michaels. However, the leader of the YES! Movement doesn't think the match will ever happen:

“Another one I’ve always wanted but I’ve never been able to do was Shawn Michaels. He trained me and I just think the story there would be really cool."

Bryan then went on to talk about three men he'd like to face who have been a huge part of NXT UK:

Daniel Bryan and Shawn Michaels

“I could throw out Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, WALTER, those kinds of guys."

The thought of him going one-on-one with any of these men would steal the show. The technical ability of Dunne was also mentioned by him:

"Pete Dunne, when you watch him work… you can’t [deny]. You may argue that some people are better. They may be better at this, they may be better at that. When you look at him and you look at some of the other guys, who’s the best? It’s become subjective."

Current Intercontinental Champion Big E has been fantastic since his solo run on the Blue Brand. Bryan would be a fan of him and E squaring off in the ring:

Daniel Bryan and Big E

“I’d love to do a big match with Big E on a pay-per-view. You start talking to me about who I want to wrestle and all of a sudden the floodgates open!"

Finally, the leader of the YES! Movement mentioned a member of the NXT roster who he'd like to wrestle, that being Kyle O'Reilly. The former Undisputed Era member is another technically brilliant wrestler, who Bryan thinks would be a great match:

“You know, another one I’d love to have a big singles match with but I don’t know when or where this would happen, is with Kyle O’Reilly," he said.

Kyle O'Reilly

“I think that some of the stuff that he’s doing with ju-jitsu and grappling and stuff is so cool. So I’m thinking of the stuff that we could do and I’m like, ‘oh God!’"

Either of these men could put on a fantastic contest with Bryan. But which would you prefer him to face?

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