Grand Theft Auto: Politician tries to link game to violence against women


Some things never change. One of those things is a politician blaming a video game for societal issues.

This time we go to the land Down Under, where Australian home minister Peter Dutton went onto Today Show hosted on Australian TV network Channel 9 to link the toxic treatment of women to young boys plating Grand Theft Auto.

He is quoted as saying: "If you're playing Grand Theft Auto, as a 13-year-old boy, and lots of teenage boys will do, you can go - in that game, not just, you know, drive cars recklessly - you can go for a lap dance, you can go and shoot police. And so we need to have a broader conversation about the influences on those young boys, both in a family setting and a societal setting, and particularly online."

Now obviously this naive comment has been called into question, especially since there are scandals within the Australian government relating to the treatment of women.

It almost seems as though the government are pulling out the tried and tested distraction technique of “look away from this, look what’s happening here” without pulling any form of statistic which backs up their argument.


As much as I want to criticise his method of thinking, considering the lingering double standards, he did make a good point about social media influence.

"I think what we should demand is the same laws that apply in real life, apply online," stated Dutton.

He, however, ruined this by feeling that TikTok are part of the cause, even though TikTok is probably the best social media platform for dropping content that would be deemed unsuitable.


It was not long ago where a politician in Chicago blamed the famous Rockstar franchise for the rise of carjackings within the Illinois capital.

The accusations are false, as there have been multiple studies which showed that there is no relationship between violent video games and a rise in violent crime.

Perhaps politicians should look into what they are doing, rather than point fingers at others. Something that appears to be all too common in politics. Ignorance is bliss as they say.

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