Premier League: Thread of 'managers in art' is going viral


Here at GIVEMESPORT, we like to bring you all the important content.

Like what Premier League managers would look like if they were 14-years-old. Or rating every Premier League manager if they were your step dad. Or every Premier League club if they were a drink.

But let’s forget about all of that nonsense.

We’ve got something far more highbrow to bring you.

That’s because an incredible thread is going viral showing images of Premier League managers in art.

Olaf Falafel is a comedian and a children's author, who illustrates his own books and his thread might just be the best thing we’ve seen this year.


We dread to think how long it’s taken him but Olaf has somehow discovered every Premier League manager in art.

Confession time: We know absolutely nothing about art. We’ve never seen these pieces of art before and we don’t know how famous each one is. We can’t provide any background information on them but we can tell you one thing - they all look just like Premier League gaffers and that's all that matters.

It starts off with a brilliant comparison between Steve Bruce and a painting of Emma Koningin by Jan Veth.

We'll take you through the rest (all images courtesy of Olaf Falafel).

Pep Guardiola – Head of Man at Helovan by Hermann Struck


Jürgen Klopp – Sancho Panza Lying Down by Candido Portinari


David Moyes – Portrait of the Artist with a Mocking Face by Joseph Ducreux


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – Franciscus Costerus by Lucas Vorsterman


José Mourinho – José Feliciano Fernandes Pinheiro by Henrique Manzo


Sean Dyche – Prince Elector August of Saxony by Zacharias Wehme


Graham Potter – Mrs Robert Walter Weir by Julian Alden Weir


Mikel Arteta – Manuel José Mosquera by José Miguel Figueroa


Nuno Espírito Santo – Festus Hommius by Johannes Meursius


Thomas Tuchel – Elena Povolozky by Amedeo Modigliani


Carlo Ancelotti – Self Portrait by Alberto da Veiga Guignard


Roy Hodgson – J.M .Vogelsang by Ferdinand Oldewelt


Brendan Rogers – João Francisco Belegarde by Anna Aurora Bellegarde


Sam Allardyce – Fresh from the Channel Fleet by Sir Leslie Ward


Marcelo Bielsa – Vigo the Carpathian by Industrial Light and Magic


Scott Parker – Self Portrait by Otto Dix


Paul Heckingbottom – Sam Nagley by Jacob Kramer


Ralph Hasenhüttl – Ulysses S. Grant by Thomas Le Clear


Dean Smith – New York Street Scene by George Grosz



We know one man who will very much enjoy this - Sean Dyche. Not just because he’s being compared to Prince Elector August of Saxony but because he absolutely loves the ‘lookie-likey’ game.

In a hilarious press conference recently, Dyche expressed his love of comparing the looks of two people.

"Lookie-likeys make the world go round," Dyche said.

“Have you ever sat in a pub – although that seems like a distant memory – with your mates and just sat there and found lookie-likeys in the pub? It’s one of the best bits of fun you’ll ever have in a night. I love lookie-likeys. We’re not lowering ourselves, we’re raising the bar!


“If you want to get to the real depths of reporting, go around all the Premier League managers and ask, ‘Do you play the lookie-likey game?’

“If they give you a boring answer, we will drive down and slap them with a wet fish and say, ‘That is for your boring answer about lookie-likeys’".

Someone show this thread to him!

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