FIFA 22: Fans want 'Be a referee' mode to be introduced


Who grows up wanting to be a professional referee?

Who in their right mind would want all of that pressure and to be abused by 60,000 people every week?

It a profession like no other.

But there’s something about having that power that excites referees. The power to influence a high-profile match that can influence people’s lives and careers.

Rather them than us.


We’re all quick to criticise officials for bad decisions but we probably don’t realise just how hard it is.

The game is getting quicker and quicker, while the laws seem to change on a weekly basis. Being a referee is only getting more difficult.

But it's hard to understand just how tough it is without actually taking charge of a match ourselves - something we’d rather not do.

But how about if there was an opportunity to referee a match in video game format without the fear of being abused for a wrong decision - well, apart from virtual fans.

It’s something that FIFA fans have been calling for for many years and Twitter user @Blessed_Bobby_ has created an image of how it could look.

In a tweet, he asked FIFA users whether they’d like to see a “be a referee” mode on FIFA 22.

The response was largely positive with people seemingly keen to turn their hands at refereeing in next year’s game.

“Wanted it for years but I’d want it to be an actual story, move up from league two to champions league, world cups etc. With actual wages that matter and stuff like that,” one fan replied.


Another added: “Wanted this mode for years would be fun make like a career of it, if u get a shocking season u get demoted to the championship but a very good season could see you reff a champions league final.”


A third wrote: “I would love to see a referee mode in @EASPORTSFIFA where you have to work from Level 7 up to FIFA elite list (in England) from Sunday League & Non League matches to World Cup/UCL Finals. I think it could be developed and well received.”


“I remember as a kid being convinced that they would add this feature for FIFA 09, 13 years later and I’m still waiting,” another tweet said.


While a fifth added: “I've been saying this for a whole decade. Would be extremely fun.”


Make it happen, EA!

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