Cristiano Ronaldo: Video of when Juventus star 'completely loses it' emerges


Cristiano Ronaldo was absolutely seething during Portugal's draw with Serbia.

With the scores locked at 2-2 going into stoppage time, the Juventus superstar looked to have scored a last-gasp winner when his one-on-one effort dribbled over the line in Belgrade.

Yes, Stefan Mitrovic had cleared the ball out of the goalmouth, but almost all the footage appeared to reveal that the Serbia skipper had arrived too late and that Ronaldo had already scored.

Ronaldo furious vs Serbia

But alas, with no VAR or goal-line technology for the FIFA World Cup qualifying match, the decision of the on-field official stood and they incorrectly opined that Portugal hadn't made it 3-2.

And to say that Ronaldo didn't take the news well would be the mother of all understatements, earning himself a yellow card for dissent after passionately confronting the assistant referee.

Combine that with an incensed departure from the pitch where the 36-year-old slammed his captain's armband onto the turf and it's fair to say that the lack of technology had struck a nerve.


Ronaldo vents his anger

And Ronaldo's anger was by no means confined to the heat of the moment with the Euros-winning skipper later taking to Instagram - on which he is the most followed account - to vent his frustration.

"Being captain of the Portugal team is one of the greatest pride and privileges of my life. I always give and will give everything for my country, that will never change," Ronaldo penned.

"But there are difficult times to deal with, especially when we feel that an entire nation is being harmed. Lift your head and face the next challenge now! Come on, Portugal!"

Now, as much as I can't help feeling sorry for the on-field officials who made a genuine mistake, I'd be lying if I said I was surprised by Ronaldo's reaction and that's neither a compliment nor insult.


'When Ronaldo completely loses it'

And I say that because it's certainly not the first time that Ronaldo, who is one of the most driven and determined athletes of all time, has lost his temper on a football pitch.

Therefore, before we drive the knife too deep into Ronaldo for his latest fit of anger, it's worth looking back on some of the other moments from his career that make the Serbia incident look tame.

And it's only natural that a video editor has already fulfilled that wish with 'AshStudio7' releasing a compilation called: 'When Cristiano Ronaldo Completely Loses it' to their four million subscribers.

What's more, we know it's the reason that you're here, so prepare yourself for temper tantrums, scraps and red cards galore by checking out Ronaldo's most heated moments below:

The one thing you can't accuse Ronaldo of lacking is passion.

The fire and determination of Ronaldo

That's not us defending some of Ronaldo's shadier incidents, it goes without saying, but it's inevitable that someone with such unwavering drive would lose their temper from time to time.

Besides, while Lionel Messi is by no means void of fire and grit, it only seems natural that Ronaldo has amassed considerably more career red cards than his eternal rival.


And while I doubt that Ronaldo will look back on his behaviour in Belgrade with much pride, you can't exactly accuse the five-time Ballon d'Or winner of not standing up for himself on the pitch.

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