WWE news: Bray Wyatt sends heartfelt 'Brodie Lee' message to CM Punk

WWE star Wyatt sent CM Punk a heartfelt message about Brodie Lee on Twitter

Bray Wyatt and CM Punk have been exchanging tweets on social media in the past week. 

Their conversation began soon after February's Fastlane PPV, when The Fiend made his long-awaited return to WWE. 

He attacked Randy Orton as payback for being 'burned alive' at December's TLC event and has now set up what will no doubt be a terrifying and dark WrestleMania bout. 

After making his comeback, Wyatt posted a cryptic message on Twitter. 

He shared an image of Orton lining up to 'Punt Kick' him during his Nexus days, when Bray was known as 'Husky Harris'. 

Quoting The Joker, he wrote:

"Someday someone will break you so badly that you’ll become unbreakable - The Joker" 

Wyatt and Punk have been exchanging words on Twitter

CM Punk replied to that tweet, suggesting he had tried to warn The Viper from messing with Bray.

He also asked Wyatt not to hold a grudge for a backstage segment in 2011 that saw the former WWE star whipping Husky as part of his Nexus initiation. 

"I tried to warn him. Randal never listened. Hope you don’t hold a grudge for that little whipping incident. Bygones and such..." Punk said. 

Punk and Wyatt's conversation has continued

Seven days later, on March 30, Wyatt finally replied to that tweet, sending 'The Best in the World' a heartfelt message about Brodie Lee.

"Brodie would hate to see us fighting," he simply wrote, sending a picture of The Wyatt Family with Punk during their feud from 2013.

Wyatt sent a heartfelt message to Punk on social media

We're not crying... you are! As of writing, Punk has not replied to the message, but it's always brilliant to see WWE stars remembering Brodie with little throwbacks like this.

Wyatt has certainly come a long way from that photo too! 

The differences between his character from then and now are stark. He'll be looking to pick up another WrestleMania victory as The Fiend when he collides with Randy Orton in April.  

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