Call of Duty: Warzone update size could be massively reduced by deleting Modern Warfare


Call of Duty fans have become well accustomed to the overbearing updates the game provides, often to the detriment of their console and past games. 

Often caught in the vicious circle of having to delete games in order to install or update new ones, updates of 50GB and more tend to come at a cost.

It appears one way that will enable gamers to install the huge new Warzone patch is sacrificing an older game in the classic series - Modern Warfare. 

It is a move that will be to the disappointment of many, given that the new update is said to feature little-to-no changes according to PC Gamer.

A whopping 133.6GB sized update is being introduced, with the addition of zombies said to be the only new feature.  

It's a stark contrast to that of Cold War which is set to get a whole load of new multiplayer maps, modes, operators, a sniper rifle and more for Season Two unloaded in a move that excites fans of that particular game.

So what can you do in order to ensure you've sufficient download space? Say goodbye to Modern Warfare it seems.


If you've had enough of that game and exhausted all avenues, this will be welcome news to you as removing Modern Warfare prior to downloading the new patch can shrink the new Warzone update by over 80GB, a huge difference. 

This applies to PC and PlayStation users, whose update sizes go to 52.4GB and 52GB respectively. If you're on Xbox, your update size will decrease to 57.8GB - still a massive 75GB shift.

In defence of the size of update required, PC Gamer does point out it may be building the foundations of a future new map which is soon to be needed once Verdansk is overrun. 

Of course, once the installation is complete, the games will naturally settle into hard drives and SSDs.

Warzone will then go down by 11.8GB and if you keep Modern Warfare, it too will drop by around 30GB.

Just don't get too excited or rush into getting another game because history has told us that another CoD update could scupper that, resulting in just having to delete it again.

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