Eddie Hall's Astonishing Net Worth Has Been Revealed

Eddie Hall

After a long career of being a Strongman, Eddie Hall is now turning his attention to the world of boxing, and his first fight is against fellow Strongman Hafthor Bjornsson in Las Vegas.

The two will meet in September in what is being dubbed as the ‘heaviest boxing match in history’. To compete in the ring, the two have had to shred some weight, with Eddie Hall now reportedly weighing around 354 lbs. Despite him having to lose the weight, he definitely is a great height for a boxer as he is 6ft 3inches.

There is a big reason behind the two fighting, which makes the prospect of them both in the ring even more exciting as they have a feud which dates back to 2017 when Bjornsson, who played The Mountain in Game of Thrones, accused the Brit of cheating during the Viking Press at the tournament. Hall uploaded video evidence which appeared to dismiss such claims. He posted this video on his YouTube channel, which has over 1.7 million subscribers and over 227,000,000 views.

Along with this feud, the two have gone head-to-head in multiple World’s Strongest Man contests. His most watched video has close to 2.5 million views.

Eddie Hall Net Worth

According to multiple sources, the net worth of Eddie Hall, also known as ‘The Beast’, is believed to be $5 million, which is around £3.6 million.

It is no surprise to see how much his net worth is, especially when you see that aside from his YouTube exploits, he keeps himself in the limelight by having sponsors.

Having so much success means ‘The Beast’ will have many companies wanting to work out a sponsorship deal. Over the years, some companies he has worked with are MyProtein, boohoo Man, Muhdo, Arla, and Pulse Fitness. Endorsements are huge in this day and age, especially for people like Eddie Hall, and to see him not just involved in fitness ones but also other things like food and fashion highlights how big a name he is in the UK.

Eddie Hall career earnings

Hall is known for his time battling to be the strongest man in the world and won the UK's Strongest Man and England's Strongest Man competitions multiple times. He then achieved his dream when he won the World's Strongest Man competition in 2017. It is not really known his exact career earnings, but the prize money for this event was around $72,000. Around this period, it was reported that he weighed around 434 lbs.

Eddie Hall has managed many great achievements alongside his victories in competitions, one being the fact that he was the deadlift world-record holder when he managed to deadlift 500kg. He also had the world-record in the axle press when he managed 216 kg. He loved his career but decided to retire due to it affecting his health and some of the weights he lifted were very dangerous, with Hall lucky to not have suffered from his achievements.

To switch sports is not easy, as was proven when UFC fighter Conor McGregor tried to switch to boxing, but ended up getting beaten by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, who made his record 50-0 by beating the Irishman. This should be a big lesson for Eddie Hall to not take the world of boxing lightly, no matter his strength.

It seems like sports would always be the career which ‘The Beast’ would pursue, with Hall participating in swimming and rugby as a teenager.

His social media presence

He also makes sure that he maintains a good presence on social media and has both an Instagram and a Twitter account. He is very active on both. This has helped him gain a mass following, with him managing to pick up 2.5 million followers on Instagram whilst he has 110,000 on Twitter. Avid fans of Eddie Hall will love what his Instagram shows as he gives an in-depth look to his life, with photos of him working out in the gym to loving images with his family being on the social media site.

It seems like he is taking to boxing well, with footage emerging of him knocking a former Olympic boxer off their feet with a good right hand, and if he shows this type of quality against Bjornsson, the Englishman will surely come out on top.

Clearly the 33-year-old is enjoying a great lifestyle, but pride is at stake in September and although he has his net worth to fall back on, Eddie Hall will not be wanting to lose to a fierce rival when the two meets in Las Vegas.

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